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Eyyyy This is Nicki here. I'll mostly be posting comms here, but who knows? I might just end up posting some stories at some point if I ever get around to it.

Also, just to get this out of the way

And if you guys would like to know my preferences and all, here's my F-list!

So, a little bit about myself:

I'm Homoflexible. I LOVE dudes. But, in the vore sense, I probably wouldn't mind a gal either, gal preds are pretty awesome too!

I am Genderfluid. Which means I could be a guy, a gal, or anything in between! It just depends really, on what, I have no clue.

Things I enjoy:

I LOVE chubby male preds. Not like, excessively obese, but big 'ol chubby boys.

I LOVE Masculine male preds. I don't mind a femboy every once in a while, but
Masculinity is something I prefer.

I enjoy Muscular Guys as well! (I actually have a couple of Muscular preds that I haven't gotten art for yet. But I love BIG muscular, sort of like Reinhardt body shape.)

I don't mind cute bishonen-ish guys, just I don't prefer them as much as others.

Chubby Gals are also really great preds! I love chubby gals!

Favorite vore tropes:
Anything Involving Technology/Social Media
I'm a little bit into Orientation Play~
And a bunch more that you can find on my F-list!

So yeah, this is all the stuff I like, and that's as much about me that you're probably gonna get! Unless you talk to me of course <3.

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