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The Price
of Success
Multiple prey, Soft oral vore, Rapid digestion, Disposal, Willing,
Oral sex, Weight gainI walked down the sunny streets of Lilly
Flower. A small town nettled just off the east coast. I had been
called there by the owner of a family caffe restaurant. The
restaurant went by the name of Flower Caffe. The owner had told me
his establishment had fallen under hard times do to lack of tourism.
He had asked me to come and sample his hospitality as part of my
Places and Tast

Dinner for
M/mm, M/m,
Multiple prey, Soft oral vore, Same size, Blowjobs, Masturbation,
Digestion, Willing
I sat on
my couch watching some crime drama on TV with my buddy Rob. He had
been hanging around me, off and on, all throughout high school and
into adulthood. I never really knew why he stayed so close to me over
the years. The show depicted the police investing a number of young
woman that had mysteriously disappeared. The detective suspected vore
to be the method of choice for the pe

Vorgy at
My Place, The Latter Six
M/f, F/f,
F/m, Multiple Prey, Unbirth, Soft vore, Same size, Cum digestion,
Pred/Prey switch, Submission, Sex, Masturbation, Digestion, Willing
Jeremy let
out a long sigh of gratification. Shelly was knelling over him
sheathing his cock into her vagina. He was laying stretched
lengthwise on one of the sofas. His arms being held down over his
head my Shelly's hands.
Jeremy, you really lucked out getting your dick in my pussy,”
Shelly said, dangling her

Vorgy at
My Place: The First Seven
M/f, M/m,
F/f, F/m, Unbirth, Cock Vore, Same Size, Soft Vore, Cum Digestion,
Pred/Prey Switch, Willing
I checked
the time. It was almost 9:00pm. My party guests would be arriving
soon. I gave the living room one last checker over. I had pushed the
the three sofas that were in the room against the walls, and filled
in the spaces with folding chairs. The floor was covered with
washable matting for when it got messy. I smiled thinking of what was
soon to unfold in

Dinner Date
unwilling prey, stuffing, hostage, belly play, soft vore, digestion,
same size, oral sex, bondage, domination, masturbation.
I climbed
the stairs to my apartment with tonight’s dinner, a young woman,
slung unconscious over my right shoulder. In my left hand I held two
large bags of groceries. It was late, around 11:00pm. I had been at
the supermarket just before closing. She had been in the checkout
line behind me. Once I saw her I knew she would make the perfect

Vore Class
willing, soft vore, implied digestion, student/teacher, teacher pred,
student prey
The bell
rang. I looked up form the papers I had been marking, “Okay class,
welcome to your first day of Rock Side Collage vore 101.
I could
feel my dick grow hard under my pants as I spoke. The sexual tension
in the room was growing with each word. I licked my lips wondering
which of the students I would be eating as the class demonstration.
I stood up
and stepped over the white board.

Night and Nothing to Do
F/f, Soft
vore, Implied digestion, Lesbian, Sex, Female pred, Female prey,
Unwilling prey
I sat in
my house with my two best girl friends. It was late Saturday night,
and we had noting planned.
thought on what we could do?” I asked.
answered, “No, same as the last time.”
you want to go get some booze. Maybe watch an old movie and take a
shot whenever someone does something silly?” I offered.
“No, I'm
not in the mood for getting dr

Friend Zoned
M/f, soft
vore, unwilling prey, implied digestion, male pred, female prey
I was
sitting on my best friend's bed, watching her play a game on her
computer. I was hungry. It had been a long time since I had had
breakfast, and I was running low on calories. I watched her sit there
looking pretty in her light blue and pink dress. I had such a crush
on her, but I had never wanted her to know less she reject me.
However, today was the day I would tell her. I had finally worked up

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