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Hiya there, friends! Thank you so much for stopping by my page! Also, don't be afraid to give any feedback that you'd like to offer! Even telling me why one of my pieces was bad is a great help, as it will help me improve!


Currently selling OC's! Going to start over with a minimal amount of characters I own, in order to properly give them enough love! Plus, there are some that I meant to use a lot but never got around to it, and I'd loooove to see them used more! Also, I will NOT be selling them for more than I got them if I obtained them from other artists!

This gives you permission to use them however you want without crediting me at all.

I will update this to reflect who is available and who isn't If you would like to give these characters a new home, you can Note or PM me and I'll get back to you ASAP

~ Special to my heart:
-Aura the Gender-shifting Lucario - Now Owned by  Cimche
-Ceelia the Serperior/Milotic fusion: - $45

-Gira the Girafarig: - $15
-Ophis the Futuristic Snake: - $10
-Neko the Snow Leopard Catgirl: - $10
-Sleim the Goodra: (I couldn't find a good pic of this one, but her colors can be seen here: - $10 *Note that I will be keeping the Goodra Corruption Suit idea from this character*


Commission Slots

TBA ;3

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Did some practicing for about 5 hours, and the results can be seen here:

The anime girl one will be unlocked, but the Colorize Feature one will be locked to Patrons. I won't be posting these anywhere else, so enjoy!

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Posted by SeranaTaluhn 9 days ago

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Ahhhh! Ohh heck and thanks for the watch as well! @w@


Posted by SeranaTaluhn 10 days ago

Hey Thanks for the Favs got a nice looking gallery! owo


Posted by coldfire1200 12 days ago

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Posted by TobiasTheFrostail 12 days ago

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Posted by Cimche 1 month ago

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Posted by macroflation 2 months ago

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Not a problem, and thanks!! The artist did a really good job on it! (The full version is in the link at the top of my page, btw!)


Posted by MSPfan 2 months ago

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your welcome.


Posted by Randomguy01 4 months ago

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Posted by DisposableZero 4 months ago

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No problem! :3

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Posted by SkyTheDragones 4 months ago

Thanks for the watch (^. .^)


Posted by CioneDavnira 4 months ago

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You're welcome. ^w^


Posted by NiceGuy18 4 months ago

Seems things are going well, nice to see that.

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