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I started out as a brony artist around June of 2015, drawing various ponies and fetish art. I used to be known as Bizarro but later changed my name to Swift Sketch who I currently known by. Swift is also my ponysona who loves to draw as well. His role in vore is a switch so he can be both predator and prey depending which mood I am in.

I also draw gryphons, MLP gryphon and gryphon related vore!

Dont message me for RPs please.

I take pony related commissions only!

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Welp I had a feeling this would happen after the first time tumblr started deleting blogs in November. Eventually they would purge all NSFW content from their website, officially killing the platform for both NSFW and SFW artists. Seriously the SFW content is already getting flagged. Surprisingly I havent been touched by all this yet, but I am planning on abandoning it since everyone else is.

Anyone who are migrants from Tumblr, then welcome to my Ekas Portal where I upload all of my vore only content. This place is a safe haven for all vore related things.

This month is going to be a busy one for me as I am reopening commissions and working on Patreon.

My patreon only live stream is starting on December 15th at 1:00PM CST. Ill be working on sketch requests for my patrons.

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Posted by dudey64 2 years ago

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Thanks, glad you like, I really like your art as well, so you're welcome ^^


Posted by dudey64 2 years ago

Thanks a lot for the watch. ^^


Posted by CheezeIty 2 years ago

Love the art.


Posted by selomon 2 years ago

Really lovely gallery!
Love how you treat your prey! :P


Posted by Vorishsuicune 2 years ago

Thanks for watching me c:


Posted by Plinko 2 years ago

Sup Bizzaro, know you from the IRC, figured I'd say hi.


Posted by PegaSUS 3 years ago

<< Reply To Bizarrvore

Many thanks again! ^^


Posted by PegaSUS 3 years ago

Many thanks for the favorite!


Posted by justanothermeal 4 years ago

thank you for watching me

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