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Hi I'm Blake and this is my front page!
I just write random vore stories. I don't post too often, I am trying to go at my own pace (which is sadly kind of slow ;-;) but I'll try to get stories out when I can! I love any tips on my work if there is something wrong so I can fix it and I hope you enjoy my work!

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The Ultimate GluttonWarning! Contains spoilers for the video game“Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc”If you’re curious about it, read the description first before readingA small boy was wandering around a playground. He had short, light brown hair, wore bluish black shorts, a white shirt, suspenders holding his shorts up, and held a pink bunny plush. His name was Chihiro Fujisaki, during his elementary years, he was starting to be bullied for his somewhat effeminate behavior and personality,

Danielle’s Valentine’s Day TreatIt was a lovely day at the local High school, nearing Valentine’s day, everyone was scrambling to get their loved ones a gift either at stores, or the strange school events that were held during the bigger holidays. Sam was walking to his class, passing by the walls of lockers, already noticing that people had started to give their valentine’s gifts a bit early. Sticky notes with kind messages were placed at random lockers all across the school, people giv

Kara got out of her sister's car, she looked over at the beautiful beach standing in front of her, there were many people at the beach this time of the summer, but she still found an empty spot to set up at. After saying goodbye to her sister, she walked down to an empty spot and rolled out her towel, set up a small umbrella to block the sun, and then laid down. Kara was getting some stares from people who passed by her, but she was used to it by now.
Most people who lived in her town knew t

Ever since that day at the beach, Riley's life has never been the same, and it was all thanks to a girl named Lily. About a few months ago, Riley and Lily accidentally met each other at the beach, Lily's stomach was about the size of a beach ball because she swallowed a fish a little bit prior to their encounter. In fear of being seen, Lily swallowed Riley whole, leaving her to digest in her stomach. It wasn't until a few minutes later that Lily's parents returned from a nearby stand and Lily

Lily is going on a fishing trip today, her parents wanted her to get outside more often since she spends every day on her computer or phone. Lily didn't mind, she actually enjoyed fishing. She went fishing with her dad a few years ago and it was a really fun bonding experience, so she was almost excited to go fishing again. Her parents put everything they needed in the car and they left for the beach.
When they arrived at the beach, Lily hopped out of the car and onto the warm sand covering

(Please read description before the story :)
"Ok Mom, I'm heading out!" "Ok bye sweetie, be back before dinner!". Sophia was going to her friend Harper's birthday party, she is turning 20, more like 16 Sophia thought. Harper wasn't the greatest when it came to acting your age, she would get excited over the littlest things, she would always play childish games like pull my finger, and she would buy the weirdest things like stuffed animals and trinkets. Sophi

Olivia was walking over to the train station, she was going over to an old friend Abigail's house, it has been at least 4 years since they were roommates in college and she was excited to meet her again.
 Olivia was thinking about how much she must have changed appearance wise, in college, she wore these nerdy glasses and had an army of red and black checkered jackets and denim jeans in her closet. Olivia actually had a small crush on Abigail and would have loved if they could've actual

Elizabeth is a hard worker. She tries her best to make everything in her life perfect, her job didn't really make that easy though. It wasn't like she hated her job or anything, in fact, she really enjoys working at the office except there was one person who made working there a living nightmare.
His name was Don and he was probably the biggest slacker Elizabeth has ever met, Don never did any of his work and always spent his time trying to touch and flirt with the other female staff, Elizab

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Blakesnorf's Blog - 8/8! Posted 1 year ago

Happy 8/8 everyone! I know I'm very inactive but I am currently working on a story, based on a certain character from Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc, so hopefully I can get that out soon ^-^
I'm very sorry for the inactivity, but hopefully you'll still enjoy my stories :)
Have a great vore day!

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