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I'm a writer who's looking to write smut for y'all. Hope you like it.

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Caden wasn’t sure what he had expected when he decided to sneak back home aboard Captain Odette Malencon’s ship, but a French, swashbuckling Amazonian certainly defied his expectations. After a mixup with his luggage and the loss of his passport, the demi-fox boy was forced to pursue more unscrupulous means of returning back home to England. Apparently, Captain Malencon was one of the best in the business, having a reputation as one of the sharpest and most successful smugglers aroun

The Cal Mira Archipelago has always managed to attract the greatest warriors and adventurers to its sunny shores throughout the decades. The promise of powerful loot and bountiful experience on an island paradise is enough to lure in hundreds of questing explorers looking to make a name for themselves in the larger world, and you were no different. You’ve fought hard during the Activation Event along with your other party member, Raphtalia. The pair of you did well in fighting off the hord

It’s another hot day in the sprawling port city of Windurst. As you walk down the sandy streets and across the sturdy boardwalks that cross over the marshy terrain of the city’s foundation, you take a moment to breath in the salty, sea air. It had been a dull few days waiting around in the city, but your patience was finally about to be rewarded as you strut closer and closer to your destination, Shantotto’s Manor. The diminutive Tarutaru had agreed to enchant your favorite swo

Your stomach rumbles hungrily, distracting from the task before you. Three hours of idly flipping burgers has left you utterly famished. You rub your hand against your protesting belly. “Just five more minutes till break…” you mumble to yourself, eyeing the juicy patties before you. Your middle gives another light growl in response as you turn your attention back to your work. However, despite your attempt at focusing, the alluring scent of the food before y

They say that Mt. Coronet is a dangerous place for an inexperienced trainer. Labyrinthine tunnels where trainers can get lost for weeks on end, dangerous wild Pokémon, and even alleged criminal activity are but a few of the dangers that the mountain possesses. Yet for Kim, the fresh-faced Pokémon trainer just off her fourth gym badge, this was just another challenge for her to overcome. She had been making significant progress in completing her pokedex and, hearing that there were

You flinch at the sound of metal crashing against metal as your prison guard slams the door to your cell closed. “City of opportunity my ass…” you mutter to yourself, collapsing onto the poor excuse for a bed you have been provided with. Ancient springs creak loudly under your weight and for a moment you fear that you might fall through. After a moment, you decide you’re too tired to care if the bed breaks and try to get comfortable. “Fuck this city.” You gro

The sound of steel scraping against hardened scales fills the air as Erina’s great sword cuts into the ruby red dragon before her. The creature lets out a hiss of annoyance as the burly knight digs her blade into the dragon’s scarlet hide. “You see, Yimri,” she calls back to the dagger wielding half elf as he parries the crude blade of a kobold, “this isn’t so bad—” Erina is cut off as the dragon slams her backwards, sending her flying through the

Alice is bored. The pudgy doe had spent the entirety of her day lying on her couch, tracing the cracks in her apartment’s ceiling. Too bored to be comfortable, yet too unmotivated to get up and do something, Alice has remained stationary up to this point. Putting both of her hooves to her face, the deer girl lets out an exasperated groan as she contemplates her bored existence. Her moping is interrupted, however, by a slight rumble bubbling up from her gut. Alice frowns as she looks down a

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