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In a clearing in the middle of a forest, a lone Rattata lay on the ground, so still one would think it were dead if not for the very subtle rise and fall of its chest. The only other movement was an occasional shuffling from a nearby bush.
“Are you sure this is going to work?” asked a small Vulpix, staring out at the Rattata from the underbrush.
“It won’t work if you keep making noise!” replied a second, slightly larger Vulpix, this one more feminine sounding. &ld

A young Fluttershy flew towards her home in Cloudsdale, her long spindly legs hanging below her small body that hadn’t yet caught up with her growth spurt. She shouldn’t be flying to her home; she was supposed to be staying the night with her friend, Rainbow Dash. But she had heard some odd things from her classmates. Flitter said that she had seen Fluttershy’s mother at school, talking to a trio of colts. And then Thunderlane had said she had seen her later, flying off with a

Rarity reclined against a tree in the middle of Ponyville park. It wasn’t often she found herself with an entire day free; she didn’t even have to worry about Sweetie Belle, who would be staying over with ehr crusader friends the whole day. But she couldn’t have asked for a better day to have free. The early spring sun was shining, providing just the right amount of warmth to counteract the slight chill that still hung in the air, the last remnants of winter. The park was quite

Inside Ponyville town hall, Trixie paced back and forth, her face split in a wide grin as she looked over her prize. Her rival, Princess Twilight Sparkle, and her five friends, all magically bound, gagged, and naked, all on their knees before her. Keeping six ponies magically bound like she was would be incredibly taxing for your average unicorn, but it was foal’s play for Trixie thanks to her little trinket. She brought a hand up to the obsidian amulet around her neck, the thing that had

The door to an empty house in Our Town opened and a brown coated earth pony stallion with a darker brown mane and tail stumbled inside. Feather Bangs caught his footing and spun around just in time to see those three mares file in after him and close the door behind them. “H-hey, girls! It’s cool that you’re super into me and all, but aren't we taking this a bit fast?” He had taken those three fillies advice to just go talk to them, but even as inexperienced in the ways o

Pinkie Pie skipped up to the front door
of Twilight’s castle, her generous breasts bouncing about within
the confines of her yellow tank top. She rung the doorbell and
eagerly shifted back and forth on her feet, her tight denim shorts
showing every jiggle of her ass. She only had to wait a few moments
before she heard the familiar pop of a teleportation spell and
the door opened, Twilight Sparkle on the other side. “Oh, Hello,
Pinkie!” Twilight said. She was wearing a loose, body length dr

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