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I'm just your run of the mill pervert who has been into vore for as long as I can remember. I'm quite the introvert but I'm quite friendly so go ahead and say high!

Most of what I know about vore is what I've pick up surfing the web as Anonymous, so I don't know all the terms and none of the drama. So please bare with me.

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Far from the great cities of the world lay the small village Wolfwind. A peaceful little place nestled in the Dark Wood Forest of the Arch Back mountain range, surrounded by enough woods, hollows, and streams to make it a postcard fairy tale village. Though the village gave off this magical feeling, which they heavily marketed to the tourists, it was just an ordinary little village in the mountains. It was mostly ordinary folks, a few anthro families here and there, and a small elf commune that


Rachel divided her attention between focusing on the twilight lit road and trying to find a local radio station talking about the weather. She was well aware that Maple City was going to get hit pretty hard by the blizzard, but she didn't know how the lower mountains west of the city would fare. From what little she could find online this morning there was a 50/50 chance that they'd get hit as bad. And with the very lousy cell reception around

Deep in the Misty Mountains of Halafacts lay a secluded valley, long ago bought up by the Watson Clan of nekos.  Six generations of their clan were raised here, cut off from the outside world. Though many of them knew of the old stories of the world, they all preferred to stay on their homesteads with their families.  This lead six family homesteads of the Watson Clan spread throughout the Valley, though our story only focuses on a kitten from one of them.

Bunni: /noun/ An anthropomorphic being that closely resembles a rabbit Anthro, though much smaller, that normally grows no higher than (including the ears) about three feet (one meter) and are raised as a source of protein for many Anthros.

Life on the farm was relatively nice for little Megan, fresh air, open fields, all the food you can binge on, all her family and friends. It had everything a

It was just before 3:00 am when the night club was winding down. Two or three couples were still on the dance floor, a few more at tables, and one lone gnome girl sitting at the bar. Her lovely bubble butt perfectly fit on the bar stool, proportionally large breasts somewhat comfortable rested on the bar top. Her small high-heel clad feet didn't even make it half way down the stool. Her golden hair let down ended right at the top of her lovely rear. This very lovely and lonely lady was Cindy Wri

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As I was writing my next story two somewhat common terms came into me head, and I was a little surprise I hand come across them at all in other vore works. I know I haven't seen and read every vore thing out there, still I feel this two should be a lot more common than they are to vore fans. The first I use in my story M.R.E., and the second is Eat Prey Love. The first M.R.E. is an acronym for Meal Ready to Eat, that is used for a older military ration that had everything you didn't to eat to survive. Not the best tasting stuff, but still edible. Though the thought still hit me, a willing prey slut would consider herself (or himself) a Meal Ready to Eat almost all the time. So I could see in a vore friendly world the term M.R.E. would possibly and probably end up on a t-shirt for...
[ Continued ... ]

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Haha, no problem :D I really liked that story, can't wait to read more from you! And thanks, glad you like my stuff too ^^


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Thanks for the favs!


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You’re welcome ^^ good stuff right there.


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You earned it my man. May have even given me some ideas when I get my lazy ass to work ;)


Posted by DemonLordGarm66th 1 month ago Report

Thank you for the favorite!! :)


Posted by CatgirlfanE90 1 month ago Report

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For now it's enough to know you're planning on writing a sequal or sequals. I'll be waiting patiently until then!


Posted by CatgirlfanE90 1 month ago Report

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You're Welcome! are you planning any sequals to this story?


Posted by PhantomWolf 1 month ago Report

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Don't Mention buddy!


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Thanks for the fave I appreciate the support <3

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