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*Gurgle* went the stomach, as James chuckled, his ear resting on his girlfriend Kimberly’s stomach. The two young love birds were a year into their relationship at this point, and they shared one major thing in common, their interest in food and the digestive system. Now it wasn’t what had brought them together when Kimberly, more often known as Kim, in her sophomore year accidentally bumped into James then a junior. Picking up books was a way to meet and start months of friendship,

Taylor groaned, their stomach screaming in agony, as they turned over and looked at the source of the problem. A pile of candy wrappers nearly as tall as a small dog and nearly as wide as well. This was all Taylor had eaten for the entire day, and it was finally taking it’s toll. This would have of course been a marvelous feat of trick or treating, had the candy not been merely purchased from the store several hours prior, and trick or treaters wouldn’t be showing up for a few more h

Josh sighed a small sigh as his girlfriend Samantha explained the plan to him again. They were going to be spending the week in Vegas that much he knew, but with the cost of the hotel room and everything else involved it didn’t quite add up to how much they had saved up for over the last 2 years. As she showed him the cost of the layover ticket, just barely staying under 4 figures he looked wide-eyed and started murmuring about highway robbery. “That’s exactly why…&rdquo

wandered around the convention very carefully looking to see what was
out there to enjoy, It was the year 2030 and video game technology
had reached an incredible level. Neural mapping oneself into video
game characters was the new craze and the latest systems allowed for
one to basically have mental suggestions. She came across an
interesting booth, and was delighted at the object simulation games.
A small booth with a dedicated website. She was eager for this booth
as she had won the raff

I take up the
console, and I prime the Machine. After a moment's hesitation you
watch me flip the switch, and the world suddenly becomes very dark.
Your consciousness arrives in a cold, sterile environment. Resting in
the center of a bright white disk of porcelain through which you can
feel just faintly the other objects of your kind to your sides. It
becomes apparent that you're not alone in this room however as a hand
reaches down and lucks one of the other occupants of the plate into
the air,

To most people
Sophia was an average high school girl. Having just recently
celebrated her 18th birthday she was finishing her senior
year. Unfortunately she had a medical condition that caused her to
have very painful doctor visits and she was not looking forward to
the one that was upcoming knowing full well the pain she was about to
endure. The only thing that brought her any relief is finding the
witch’s bulletin board and having tried out a few basic spells over
the last month or so.

looked up at her professor oblivious to the giant machine in his
office. She pleaded with him once more "If I don't pass this
class I'll lose my scholarship, please there must be something I can
do" The professor just sighed and shook his head completely
ignoring the low cut of Zoey's shirt.
no no! You have learned nothing about how atoms have interacted,"
He replied "Could you even tell me what the square cube law
is?"Zoey chimed in innocently, &qu

looked around smiling as the waves brushed up against her swimsuit,
the constant motion brushing up against her as her friends ran past
her to play in the water. Hours of splashing and fun continued and
Alex lost herself in a fun afternoon with her friends.

the afternoon grew to evening, and the sun began to escape, Alex
decided to get out of the water to explore the rest of the beach, a
gentle urging in her mind of something she was supposed to do eating
at her, but it was not some

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