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Hello, everyone! My name is Nyx and it's a pleasure to meet you. Though I can draw, I hold my writing in higher esteem and do a lot more of that than of art. Both of them take significant time for me to actually put out, though, so don't expect rapid updates; I could spend a whole week on a single drawing or a short story, after all!

I'm a bit reserved, but friendly; feel free to drop me a line at any time! I also roleplay, and you can find my thread over here!

Enjoy your stay!

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A couple things of mine got taken down as well it looks like. Hopefully another new server can be found soon, but if you thought something was in my gallery that isn't anymore, it most likely got itself briefly dropped. Eka did say there was backups, so we just gotta wait it out.

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Posted by DewiciousDragons 1 month ago

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Ahhhh, it's so cool how you can play Blue-Eyes in 2018 and still have a decent deck. I just wish Red-Eyes and Dark Magician had the same sort of support! Maybe we'll see something for them in the future which will be a bit like that Saga of Blue Eyes deck - they're such awesome old cards, sucks they don't get good support. Which of your OCs is related to the BEWD, tho? I'd love to see.


Posted by DewiciousDragons 1 month ago

Yooo, I'm the goober from the dragon thread. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon is such a cool design honestly; I even have a few figurines of it, haha. I was wondering - what do you think of other BEWDS like the Ultimate, Alternative, Malefic etc? There's a lot for sure, haha. (Though the original would have to be my fave!)


Posted by AustinDR 2 years ago

<< Reply To BrokenButterfly45

I see; well, take your time. I just really appreciate reading about a character that wicked.


Posted by AustinDR 2 years ago

Hope to see more from Zahraris; love that guy.

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