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Hello, everyone! My name is Nyx and it's a pleasure to meet you. Though I can draw, I hold my writing in higher esteem and do a lot more of that than of art. Both of them take significant time for me to actually put out, though, so don't expect rapid updates; I could spend a whole week on a single drawing or a short story, after all!

I'm a bit reserved, but friendly; feel free to drop me a line at any time! I also roleplay, and you can find my thread over here!

Enjoy your stay!

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I made some more of 'em! I also animated one of the manips I made, and I think it came out really well.

The Ninetales was mostly for fun, but I'm pretty proud of the N one and the animated one.

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Posted by DewiciousDragons 4 months ago

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Ahhhh, it's so cool how you can play Blue-Eyes in 2018 and still have a decent deck. I just wish Red-Eyes and Dark Magician had the same sort of support! Maybe we'll see something for them in the future which will be a bit like that Saga of Blue Eyes deck - they're such awesome old cards, sucks they don't get good support. Which of your OCs is related to the BEWD, tho? I'd love to see.


Posted by DewiciousDragons 4 months ago

Yooo, I'm the goober from the dragon thread. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon is such a cool design honestly; I even have a few figurines of it, haha. I was wondering - what do you think of other BEWDS like the Ultimate, Alternative, Malefic etc? There's a lot for sure, haha. (Though the original would have to be my fave!)


Posted by AustinDR 2 years ago

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I see; well, take your time. I just really appreciate reading about a character that wicked.


Posted by AustinDR 2 years ago

Hope to see more from Zahraris; love that guy.

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