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I have an interactive story! I'm making it by myself because I feel it would be lazy to just post one and expect other people to write stuff for me, so I am trying my best to come up with quality stuff I think people will like. If you have a request you may send it to me in a PM, or just leave it on my page as a shout! I'm usually on once or twice every day, so I'll probably see it, and chances are that I will do your request as soon as I see it, or take a day to make a plan for it before I start it. If you want it to be exactly what you wanted to see in the story you should be as descriptive as possible when sending me what you want to see.

An example?

I'll use my own character, Gerda Mara, to clarify what I mean. So if I were to send myself a message of what I wanted to see I would send it like... this. (Clarifications are in parentheses. (These.))

Name (of character/monster): Gerda "the berserk-er" Mara (If you have a title or a nickname put it in these "".)

Gender: M+F. (She has daddy and mommy parts.)

Description: Gerda is 6 feet tall anthro wolf covered in white fur from head to paw, there is a light blue streak of fur that extends from her left leg across her back to her right shoulder and ends on her right forearm. Her eye color is green. She is usually a kind person, enjoying life and everything about it, but once she gets into a fight her kind and loving personality turn into a whirlwind of fury, her only aim in combat is the destruction of her opponent, and with the help of her dual swords she will accomplish this task with ease. (Brief description, attitude, and equipment.)

Scene: (How you want the character to act and react.)

Special request: (An action that you want this character to do above all else I could possibly think of. The more description you have on this, the better I will be at making the scene you want.)

This is the link to my interactive story. http://aryion.com/iss/page.php?story=337&page=1
Please enjoy, and remember to PM me if you want to see something special in the story! I'll always send you a message back to say that I received your message and either understand, or want something clarified before I start it so I don't mess up. You can request at any time as much as you want.

Have a wonderful day!

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So yeah, after spending much too long without updating my story I've decided to get back into it, starting with the pred route! I only have one page dedicated to it, so far, and it's barely worth checking out at the moment, but I plan on working on it quite hard. I hope to give it at least 50 pages, not including minor branches (but still putting them in!). I'm also finally comfortable being in the chat rooms, so I have that going for me. :) I'm also still accepting requests if anyone wants to see something specific added to my story. Free of course, who would ever pay to read what I dish out? xD Anyhoo, I hope you all have a wonderful day~!

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Posted by x9comega 7 years ago Report

Your userpage has been invaded by a mouse. Squeak squeak


Posted by AngelofHell64 7 years ago Report

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The wild Fo manages to devour Gerda in the end anyways, goddess of vore and all that shit


Posted by AngelofHell64 7 years ago Report

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A wild Fo has devoured the wild Gerda *BRAAAAAAP*


Posted by Buttmonger 7 years ago Report

Coming update: Seductive Fo butt.


Posted by Buttmonger 7 years ago Report

Coming update: April/Cimirah: Cimirah becomes food. April does badass stuff, possibly food.
Amythyst is to be added somewhere, badassness ensues.
Manami_Foxy appears with Amythyst, the kinky train has arrived.

...This is just my way of setting reminders for what I'm gonna update my interactive story with. o3o

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