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Always up for RP.

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stop yelling. It’s not like it’s going to help you.” Stocking
said flatly, not even looking at the person screaming as she stuck a
spoonful of cake into her mouth, idly.
The person yelling was Briefs,
who was currently wedged up to his waist in Stocking’s ass.
Stocking herself was laying on her stomach in her room, casually
eating her daily portion of sweets, as if her ass wasn’t currently
four times its normal size and pulling Briefs slowly down into it.

9(000 Calories)
Yuyuko opened her mouth, her
sweet, slightly chubby cherubic face warping massively as her
normally cute mouth became a massive, dripping cavern. “W-wait, you
can’t, I’m.. I’m the strongest!” the ice fairy she had
caught, Cirno, said in resistance. It wasn’t particularly
long-lived resistance, mind you, as her head was suddenly shoved into
Yuyuko’s gaping maw. The gluttonous ghost wasted no time stuffing
the rest of Cirno down her throat, the ice fairy briefly

Chinese Diner Aiya.
Everyone in Inaba knew
the name. The eatery offered relatively cheap dishes, with the
favorite among residents being the beef bowls. It was also known for
it's infamous 'Rainy Day Challenge', an enormous, nigh-unbeatable
beef bowl with a price tag almost as high as the meat and fried egg
piled atop it. The only way it was affordable was to get it for free,
something few had ever achieved. Recently, however, the owner had
decided to rename it the 'Aiya Diner Challenge' and mak

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If you like my stories I'm usually up for RPing similar kinds of stuff!

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Posted by Digestionfan 8 months ago

Please??? It says you like to rp


Posted by Digestionfan 8 months ago

Can we rp? :) I've been trying to get your attention for a while avoid it cuz I think we'd make great partners! I love your stories and the art you post!


Posted by Datonenumbnuts 11 months ago

Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by guyWAM 11 months ago

Are you still writing Butt Battles?


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Thanks for the watch!


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Thank you for the watch! *Salutes*


Posted by Sekiko 2 years ago

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You're welcome, hope to see more.

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