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Commissions are now open!

Hey everyone, and welcome to my gallery. I’ll be uploading my stories and commissions on here for everyone to read and enjoy. I primarily stick to female predators and often use a lot of furries in my work. But always make sure to read the tags before you dig into the story, as I sometimes like to get experimental with how far I can push things.

Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Hidden Banquet in the ForestBy Cardinal WalkerWithin a hidden forest grove amongst the mountains of Japan lies a secluded settlement the size of a dollhouse. Erected at the base of a great Japanese maple stands a tiny school made for the miniature denizens of this forest. The speck-sized students are taught by their adoring teacher, safe in the belief that they are so far from civilization they will never be discovered. Until today, when for the first time ever the entire building is rattled to

Born a Huntress By Cardinal WalkerFor decades the phenomenon of tiny people has bewildered the globe. At only an inch tall they were often mistaken for bugs or discarded toys. But over time the world learned of their existence, and now collectively refer to them as ‘tinies.’ They are not considered humans by the vast majority of societies, with some nations even encouraging their extermination on sight. Such as those of Japan, whose people have taken pride in their efficiency at ridd

“You're Just Too Small." By Cardinal WalkerTo anyone else wandering the woods a shift in the wind comes as a pleasant respite from Summer’s heat. Though for one of your stature a simple breeze may as well be a roaring gale. Whenever the wind changes direction you must do the same; as micros like you are entirely at the mercy of Mother Nature and all of her kin. Though being constantly rerouted does not deter your progression as you have no physical destination in mind. Instead, the o

Mid-Meal Masses By Cardinal WalkerFog turned to silver by the full moon’s light lingers overtop of hallowed black soil. Gravestones from a long since abandoned cemetery decorate the landscape alongside huge, gnarled corpses of forgotten trees. Within this decrepit crag sits a lone church laying in ruins. Its door permanently ajar, the structure no longer bears the same welcoming warmth it once advertised to the neighbouring townsfolk. Instead it, much like the moon, is cold and foreboding.

Bianca’s RevengeBy Cardinal WalkerClosing her spell book and setting it down Bianca raps her fingers across its spine. Her aspirations to become a veritable sorceress have failed again and again. No matter what spell she tries the incantations always seem to either do the exact opposite of what she intended, or simply fizzle away uselessly. Her numerous failed attempts have made her the laughing stock of The Forgotten Realms. The guardian dragons ridicule her every misstep, telling the apprent

Elora’s New FeetBy Cardinal WalkerA blinding light swallows the castle tower’s chamber as Bianca’s spell is cast. The magical radiance dissipates, leaving her and Spyro to let out a sigh of defeat.“It’s no use you guys. My shrink spell just isn’t powerful enough.” Bianca sorrowfully decrees with her head down in shame.Standing just outside the window to the uppermost level of the tower stands the enormous Elora. Her faun ears are flopped down in grief, as she now trudges her hoof b

Sheila’s RampageBy Cardinal WalkerTaking a long and deep yawn the giant kangaroo’s mouth stretched wide open. However, as Sheila takes a huge breath; she ends up gulping down more than just a mouthful of air. A wandering fairy flutters too close to the giant roo’s gaping maw and is inhaled straight down her windpipe. Sheila bolts upright and blinks in confusion as her natural instincts make her inadvertently swallow the little sprite. It is only after feeling their legs kick down the lengt

My Kingdom for a Nose
Written By Cardinal Walker
[This story contains copious amounts of nose fetish related content, sneezing, nose vore, and some occasional hard vore mixed in. Enjoy!]
Within the forested province of Hïber’Zann is a prosperous kingdom home to thousands. An outsider would assume the populace to be quite happy. But in truth the kingdom’s people live in constant fear of their dictator. A sorceress youthful only in her appearance and childish attitude; an ext

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Hey everyone. With how things have been going I have decided to begin taking commissions again. Here I will explain what can be expected from commissioning me as well as my rules for anyone interested.

Price: $20 USD every 1,000 words, minimum 1,000 words per story
In order for me to justify the time it takes for me to work on commissions alongside my work and personal life; I have decided to raise my prices to both better help motivate me to work on them as a secondary source of income, and also to better reflect my blooming skills as a writer. Any of the stories I have posted here that have been commissioned are labeled accordingly, so please give any of them a read if you would like an example of the effort and technical skill I have in crafting them. I am very...
[ Continued ... ]

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