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Hello everyone, and welcome to one of the most open and diverse galleries out there! Here you will find all varieties of Vore related content, along with more esoteric or obscure types of fetish erotica. Though I have a strong preference for F/F and F/M fatal vore, always be sure to read the tags, because ANYTHING GOES in Cardinal Walker's studio.

Like what you've read and hungering for a story of your own? Send me a PM with your outline, or a proposal you'd like to collaborate on, and I'll be happy to commission you the erotic fantasy of your wettest dreams.

My heart goes out to all you sinners~
-Cardinal Walker

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Makes It Big!!
by Cardinal Walker, a Paid Commission
tour bus whirs down a long, winding road toward the Pop group’s
next destination. Ahri and her band mates have been on tour for
almost a week now, with every venue featuring them sold out days
before their arrival. The venture has been lucrative, if a little
taxing on them all. The girls put their heart and souls into each
performance. Justifiably so, as K/DA’s fans are especially vocal in
their adoration for the grou

Life of The Party
Characters, and Setting by Cardinal Walker (CardinalExeroth on Eka's
party had been going for several hours, yet more guests continued to
arrive. With so many people to keep track of and so much to maintain-
Mindy was growing anxious. Had it not been for the help of her
friends Trish and Gina, things very well could have turned
disastrous. Yet none of the three managed to noticed a mischievous
young witch sneak her way into the festivities. Wh

Moonlit Hunt [HC]
Story from CardinalWalker's Tot'Yoku Anthology Series
Characters, and Setting by Cardinal Walker (CardinalExeroth on Eka's
Fetishes: Bunny-Prey, F/M, Furry, Futanari, Gore, Hard Vore, Lycan,
Rape, Size Difference
full moon shines down upon the dew soddened woodlands of the Al'Vaani
Highlands. Copious deep puddles dot the uneven grounds here. Having
rained just an hour prior, the leftover water deluging the alpine
fauna is fresh and smells of eve

Eyes Sky Blue (A Day In The Life Of Kiwi The Siren)
Story from CardinalWalker's Tot'Yoku Anthology Series
Characters, and Setting by Cardinal Walker (CardinalExeroth on Eka's
Fetishes: F/M, Giantess, Unbirth, Vore
forests of the Hinterlands offer no refuge, even in spring. They teem
with voracious creatures whom tower high above most any far-seeker.
From titanic naga and bestriding giants, to immense harpies and
prowling slimes. For an experienced adven

Clone Wars Volume 1: Hestia’s Travels
Fetishes: Armpits, Clones, Crush, F/F, Feet, Foot Vore, Galactic
Giantess, Giantess Growth, Hair Vore, Hand Vore, Nose Vore, Oral
Vore, Sneezing
a chaotic thunderstorm a ship has been broken up by repeated
lightening strikes, its pieces now drifting across the merciless sea.
Most of the crew are eaten by seafaring Hestia clones of gigantic
sizes, many of whom have taken on the form of mermaids. But one
castaway is fortunate enough to

Way Better Than Carrots
BunnyGirl Vore)
is a joyous time of year all across Tot’Yoku. Well, for those of
what is referred to as ‘mortal size,’ anyhow. Giants and colossi
alike seldom wake until the beginning of Summer, giving mortals free
reign over their predator’s territory. But for those whom are small
even to humans, Spring is one of the most dangerous times of year.
Many species take on predatory roles with the abundance of food at
their disposal. No longer do

Vore] Corrin Stomps Out The Competition!
a towering forest of light green grass, the tumultuous band of
marauding warriors and barbarians stampede with fervour. Scorned by
vengeance over the destruction of their kingdom, the loyalists a
hundred strong charge blindly to what may be their final battle. Not
a soul amongst them fears death. Even whilst chasing their adversary;
Corrin, the barefoot, colossal swordsman. Her footfalls steadily
belabour, loudening as the group draws close

A Hinterland Haunt

A Story from CardinalWalker's Tot'Yoku Anthology Series
Characters, and Setting by CardinalWalker (CardinalExeroth on Eka's
Cecil. You see that woman over there? She's wearing nothing but a
shawl and boots.""Hey,
you there! What are you doing out here by yourself?!" Cecil
calls through the howling gales. The
woman turns to both of them slowly. Her green and purple eyes shine
onto the blistering snowflakes. She smile

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TL;DR: I am opening up commissions for ANY AND ALL types of literature-based fetish content. Hit me up with your craziest ideas and let's make some magic happen.

Hello everyone, and welcome to a very special addition of my blog. Chances are you've all read what was sent to you by Eka herself, and may have even glossed over the roller coaster of a thread linked within her message. I left my two cents in there and wanted to spill out the rest of my change over here where the atmosphere is warm and cozy like the inside of a beautiful, drooling maw.

Or at least, that's what the atmosphere was for many of us up until today. And while some are shouting doom and gloom and others are taking this opportunity to thrust their unwanted opinions into everyone's faces like an uncoordinated flash mob...
[ Continued ... ]

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