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T'is I! Never fear ChibiToy's here to eat all the chips and empty your beer!
A.k.a The Mad Worder... you know... 'cos I'm... crazy...? Like... the Mad Hatter... just... with... words...?


*cough, cough*

.///. ---> *hides under the carpet*

A-A-Anyway, I'm still at and lovin' it! Your very own hobby-author and, from time to time, wannabe castigator, at your service!
Since there's a grave lack in the category I desire most - setting aside the overall lack of free content lately - I'm starting by adding more to my undying love.
In other words: Giant Lolis here, kiddish giantesses there, expect a ton of puby preds everywhere!
Might happen that I stray from my path every now and then but a lil neckslap should do the trick to set me straight again. :3

Last but not least: Happy Waifu = Happy Laifu! :3

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Since peeps aren't capable of reading - orrrr actually understand what they've just reading - and stuff doesn't work out like I want it to be:

I originally planned to have this up for a week but I've settled to shortened it to two or three days so I suggest you make haste and please do keep my plead in mind. :3

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Posted by lupis95 12 days ago Report

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Ich habe erst kürzlich bemerkt, was das Folgende bewirkt, da ich die Webseite nicht viel benutze, hauptsächlich nur zum Suchen.
Deine Charaktere sind nicht immer meine Vorliebe, aber du bist wahrscheinlich einer der besten vore* Autoren, die ich gelesen habe.


Posted by agoo1229 2 weeks ago Report

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Thanks it took a tremendous amount of effort to get to 111...jk. Thank you for having such great art and amazing stories as well as furthering the community. I hope to see more from you in the future!!


Posted by hatter 2 weeks ago Report

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I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about and it's a coincidence, I'm quite sad that he disappeared though. And his upcoming story sounded so good!


Posted by MCPB 1 month ago Report

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Ah I wasn’t aware that this is even possible ????
I thought it was a simple bug – good to know ????


Posted by Grimmahr 1 month ago Report

Thank you for your dedication to cute girl's in both writing and translation, you madlad.

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Posted by kronwolf 2 months ago Report

Just wanted to let you know, your posts/art does not show up in the "messages". May be just my account, i don't know..


Posted by aiz 5 months ago Report

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Ah, so you noticed xp
The pressure's on...hopefully I get my gallery soon (≧∇≦*)


Posted by aiz 5 months ago Report

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Dude you have no idea—I've lurked for quite some time. XD

A Part III would be amazing!


Posted by nineplay 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To ChibiToy

aaaa it makes me incredibly happy to know that you're still interested in them! I have had way less free time than usual to devote to any personal projects, let alone writing...but that's not to say that nothing is in the works. :P I will try my best to return to the scene soon ^^


Posted by zobabu 1 year ago Report

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Tinies are for Biggos' unconditional pleasure and nothing else!


Posted by ThatOneHobbit 1 year ago Report

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