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T'is I! Never fear ChibiToy's here to eat all the chips and empty your beer!
A.k.a The Mad Worder... you know... 'cos I'm... crazy...? Like... the Mad Hatter... just... with... words...?


*cough, cough*

.///. ---> *hides under the carpet*

A-A-Anyway, I'm still at and lovin' it! Your very own hobby-author and, from time to time, wannabe castigator, at your service!
Since there's a grave lack in the category I desire most - setting aside the overall lack of free content lately - I'm starting by adding more to my undying love.
In other words: Giant Lolis here, kiddish giantesses there, expect a ton of puby preds everywhere!
Might happen that I stray from my path every now and then but a lil neckslap should do the trick to set me straight again. :3

Last but not least: Happy Waifu = Happy Laifu! :3

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The NekomancerAn Impossible Feat by ChibiToy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~F/m; F/f; Micro/Macro; Giantess Vore; Oral Vore; Soft Vore; Fatal; Implied(?) Digestion; Unwilling; Ecchi; Loli Pred?; Y(M)CH *confetti parade* Yay! It's done--- Well, actually it's been finished an eternity ago. I just wasn't sure whether it's worth being released or not – which actually hasn't changed... I have edi

The Velmilion Menace
by ChibiToy
?/m; Micro/Macro; Soft Vore; Oral Vore; Digestion; YCH
Actually planned to go over it once more but since it's doubtful if that happens
anytime soon or at all and I don't want Agi-chan's effort go to waste: Here you go!
This time I won't do you the favor and give you any info's on the actual Pred. I'm
afraid you gotta let yourself surprise here. (No need to comment on

Green Riding Hood
my purpose to put my foot in my mouth and after I'd gotten the idea
from someone,
(Name is being held back because I know how religious mob laws work
:3 )
had no choice but to write, and
it! You think that someone overstepped boundaries somewhere? Don't
ridicule yourself! For I shall show
what it means to go a leap too far! Enjoy this teeny
tiny quicky ab

Pet II
Little Secret
F/m, Micro/Macro, Giantess Vore, Soft Vore, Loli pred, Pred POV,
Ecchi, Yuri?, Fatal, Digestion, Disposal, Scat...
actually wanted to focus on the story and push it farther than that
but... yea... and stuff ^^' Still fooling around in a few ways to
find my style... I just needed to switch POV since it has fitted so
well, but I guess that's only natural, considering what happened so
far. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy reading this little excursion as much

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Yahoooooo, I've come with great news: A new story is going to be released soon. You heard right! Yay! Go me! *clap clap clap* :3

Anyway, I'm just announcing it now because I'm way more excited about this than you... maybe. Also this is meant to prevent me
from dumping it somewhere into my trash pile. :p I know it's not Christmas and I'm pretty~ sure you've been most naughty, but~
I've decided to leave you a little teaser. Be mindful that it's gonna be part of the actual story so... Y'know...
But I promise it doesn't spoil any of the *ahem* good parts and I'll probably change it a bit anyway.

Well, yea... blah blah blah, if easily offended don't look, yadda yadda yadda, biznuss as usual...


[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by rockysavannah 1 month ago Report

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I guess so. On the bright side, I managed to save his stories.


Posted by nineplay 5 months ago Report

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aaaa it makes me incredibly happy to know that you're still interested in them! I have had way less free time than usual to devote to any personal projects, let alone writing...but that's not to say that nothing is in the works. :P I will try my best to return to the scene soon ^^


Posted by zobabu 5 months ago Report

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Tinies are for Biggos' unconditional pleasure and nothing else!


Posted by ThatOneHobbit 6 months ago Report

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Posted by tigercloud 8 months ago Report

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Uhm~ Youre welcome^^

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Posted by kronwolf 9 months ago Report

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Your welcome. I really enjoy your stories and hope to see more in the future ^^


Posted by lllll1337 2 years ago Report

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No problem! I apologize for not watching you sooner xD

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Posted by Cuddlekins 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch, by the way. That does mean a lot o:

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Posted by Halcyon 3 years ago Report

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Please, by all means. It costs me nothing to read a comment, and I promise I can handle the criticism xD


Posted by Juliet 3 years ago Report

Thank you for watching me.

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Posted by Halcyon 3 years ago Report

Thanks so much for the watch~ I do hope you continue to read and enjoy my stories!


Posted by MeltyCG 3 years ago Report

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Sure go right ahead ^_^

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