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Choice Cuts Deli - Freelance Author

Choice Cuts Deli is an author of erotic fiction with a focus on hard and cooking vore. I'm always willing to branch out into the interesting and exciting, so check in often to see what's cooking.

For commission pricing, please check the menu, linked in my gallery and journals. To discuss a commission, please contact me on Telegram or via PM. Want to support my work and get an exclusive story each month? Join my Patreon:

No RP - I appreciate your interest but this account is strictly business.
No Requests or Trades.
18+ Only

Content is intended to be strictly works of fantasy, I do not condone real life violence, harm or murder. Content will be clearly marked on submissions but as a general content warning, this account will contain:
- Cooking / Hard Vore
- Snuff, Gore and Torture
- Cons/NonCon/DubCon
- Other themes at my discretion

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ChoiceCuts' Blog - New Years Update! Posted 3 weeks ago

I don't know what to say starting off, except thank you all for your support! I started this little project to get a little scratch and it has garnered me with more commissions and love than I could imagine - all positive and supportive! I promise that I will be continuing apace for the New Year, both with commission work and with my own projects on Patreon.

I just wanted to talk about a few things going into the new year:

Commissions Moratorium:
I am so pleased by the number of people asking for commissions from me! However, my queue is a little full right now. You all have been awesome and patient - especially while I've been taking time off at the end of the holidays. As such, my comm requests have piled up a little, and I'm going to feel more...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Pkmnguy6262 2 months ago Report

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Np, keep up the nice work and likely will!<3


Posted by tamanou 2 months ago Report

thanks for the watch!


Posted by Alicodus 3 months ago Report

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Hey, no problem at all! Was definitely a fun read. I've mostly been lurking, but always good to find new friendly faces.


Posted by MeatyMonique 4 months ago Report

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Oh I am enjoying them


Posted by BunnyWrites 4 months ago Report

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Thanks! I've been enjoying your stories too, I hadn't come across them before~


Posted by Riraito 4 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch


Posted by theman1231 4 months ago Report

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i do thanks


Posted by Greyfox 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by ijo 5 months ago Report

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I've been working through them. So far, so good!


Posted by NyaatoShiroi 6 months ago Report

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NP, looking forward of your stories!


Posted by Chial 6 months ago Report

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I will!


Posted by LordStorm 6 months ago Report

Hay thanks much for the watch! :D

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