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Hey there!
My name is Chrysaor, a little black and grey colored French anthrodragon, wearing glasses and having a ponytail as an hair cut. I am fond of Animal biology, especially the reptiles, ready to study some fantastic creatures that are living here! I will begin with you morphology, then I will have a hug interest in your digestive system, obviously *winks*.

Yet you must be warned! If anyone of you has the idea of seeing me as an easy prey to feast on, you will quickly meet my personal bodyguard: Sayke! Believe me, this blue ringed pit-viper is far less kind than me, if you even dare to attempt at hurting me! As long as you have endosomaphilia means with me, it will be very fine for all of us, eheh ^.=.^.

Of you look around my gallery, you will certainly notice a special pony as a close fellow to Sayke and me: Chris, the draggypone (He has a dragon soul). He is actually the master of our fantastic realm named "Avallah", the pit-viper and me are simply split parts of him. In other words, that is the real guy you can see in the silly real pictures uploaded here.

My main artist fellows are:
- learner My first vorish friend, and I am a fan of the stories he is writing. He is actually the person that made me want to draw as a hobby. You can look for my very first drawings in his own gallery ;3!

- HappyDeadPony Closer to Chris than myself actually, but every one of his original characters are a unique creature to study! Sayke says he is like the master of a Freak show. The humor of some of his drawings is just epic x3!

- FoolyFox My part-time scientist colleague.

For those who are looking for pure porn stuff, you are not in the right place. I may do some nsfw drawing sometime, this is really not my thing <=/. You will find mainly Silly vore ideas, though!

Stay safe and dry!

Chris's DeviantArt account:
Origin of my new avatar image:

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Yep, you guessed it guys, more reason for me NOT to draw ^w^! Because for the only reason I wasn't "learning fast enough", my colleague estimated I wasn't worth enough to stay, so yep, bosses fired me... Man, knowing that my wife and me are going to build up a family... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!

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Posted by DodongoQueen3 8 months ago Report

<< Reply To Chrysaor

I understand. I hope your better, do you have a different one or no
Your welcome ^^


Posted by DodongoQueen3 8 months ago Report

Hey sorry your having a rough time, i think your snake oc is awsome


Posted by Copperhead09 11 months ago Report

Hello, you seem nice


Posted by FrenchVorish 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To Chrysaor

Tes flatteries n'y changerons rien~


Posted by FrenchVorish 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To Chrysaor

Je m'en doute, mais ça ne doit pas m'empêcher de montrer que j'aime ce que tu fais.


Posted by Zavvnao 2 years ago Report

I did not want to seem weird by leaving a third note, but that one picture of pony you eating a dragon by Avezola, that is something we should talk about more, as I like eating large dragons also ^^


Posted by SlitheringSnake 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav.


Posted by luvboobies 3 years ago Report

Hey chyrsoar


Posted by ShadowTheDragon 3 years ago Report

Can you have your snake bite me i want to test something


Posted by SlitheringSnake 3 years ago Report

Thanks for another fav, pal!


Posted by SlitheringSnake 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch. Blue snakes rule!


Posted by Rendezvore 3 years ago Report

Thank you, again!

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