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Just that boio who occasionally writes stories.

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Sweet and Salty

By Collier



An 18-year old male, 5’10 with an average build, caucasian. He has brown eyes and hair between brown and blonde. In this story, he was wearing denim jeans and a grey t-shirt. He is pretty standard and run-of-t

Plant Predicament

By Collier


The situation that you were in could best be described as follows: unexpected, unusual, and an unfavorable ending. Here you were, slowly digesting inside of the stomach of a sentient plant that covered you in kisses that numbed the pain of digestion so you could suffer even more. Y


By Collier


You’ve Got Mail!




Gretchen’s Blog

By Collier

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Love… Inside and Out

By Collier

Collier looked at his phone nervously as the driver pulled up to the house. He had never been over to somebody else’s house before, let alone on a blind date. After realizing how seemingly lonesome and boring his life was with nobody else around and nobody to talk to, he decided to try online dating. This, how

A Wild Seviper Appeared!

By Collier


“Well, well, well… just look at our plucky little trainer now… all out of Pokemon with nowhere to hide…” The Seviper smiled at the now defeated trainer. He had been fighting this Seviper for almost an ho

A New Suit

By Collier


It all started on a humid summer’s night. The air was warm and the houses were stuffy, as anybody who didn’t have a window open or an air conditioner on would probably suffocate from the pressure inside of the house. Collier was one who had done the f

The Interview

By Collier


“Thank you for applying for the job dear, but I doubt you realize what the actual job is.”

The woman turned her office chair around. She was in a business suit, and looked him up and down with a smile,

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Okay, so you know how I said I'd be able to rework my files? Well, apparently, this isn't possible. When I go to upload the fixed files over the old ones, it doesn't change them. In order to fix them, I have to reupload them entirely. I don't wanna do that, so I'll keep the old ones how they are and upload all the new ones from this day forwards with the better format!

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