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Just that one person who's writing for fun.

I'm writing because it's fun. Plus, the more I do it, the better I'll get at it!

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Predator Profile #03: Marlene
By Collier
Name: Marlene, also known as The Monster of Backwash Lake
Species: Mermaid (Freshwater)
Gender: Female
Height: 30’
Color: Periwinkle scales and foggy white skin. Blue eyes with large black streaks below each eye.
Bio: Marlene has no clue how she got inside of Backwash Lake, but what she does know is that her mother knew, but never told her. One would assume that a being of that size wouldn’t be able to live in a lake, but that’s where y

Predator Profile #02: Slime
By Collier
Name: Unknown, has not been given a nickname, either.
Species: Slime
Gender: Varies
Height: Varies
Color: Translucent Blue, similar in color to that of Blue Polycarbonate
Bio: While many things are still unknown about this slime, it is known that it is pretty unique. It is believed that some kind of mutated substance had made contact with the chemicals at a chemical plant, and this in turn caused the substance to absorb these chemicals. Its new combination

Predator Profile #01: Twyla
By Collier
Name: Twyla
Species: Lamia
Gender: Female
Height: 6’6” (Human Portion) / 26’ (Entire Body)
Color: Pitch black skin and scales, with silver, criss-cross striping that matches with her hair. Frontal portion is a creamy yellow.
Breast Size: Cup F
Bio: Twyla is a lamia that lives as a nightstalker. She doesn’t like to be out during the day, as it makes her easy to spot with her pitch black structure. She loves prowling on people during

The Monster of Backwash Lake
By Collier

If you’ve been where Collier lives, you’ll immediately notice that not much goes on, if anything at all. The most interesting thing you’ll see there is the corn when it grows all the way up in the Fall. His town was about half an hour from two nearby cities, neither of which were big cities, either: they were more like junctions for people heading in different directions to much bigger cities. Collier liked to refer to where he lived

Piped Problems
By Collier
Pipes: almost every building in our day and age has them. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are composed of a variety of materials. From small PVC pipes to massive lead-lined pipes, they can be used to transport fluids all over the place! That doesn’t mean, however, that you can use any pipe for every application. Not only that, but pipes, like most things on this planet, are subject to aging, wear, and tear. So, what happens when you find a leaky pi

Bump In The Night
By Collier
When you go to sleep at night, what things might wake you up and keep you awake? An explosion? A train rolling by? A thunderstorm? How about the feeling of being digested? Well, knowing where I’ve uploaded this story, some of you probably have thought about the feeling of being digested in the middle of the night. But, I’m not talking about the thought of being digested. I’m talking about actually being digested, being melted down into a slurry, an

Sweet and Salty
By Collier
Based off of a chat log from 3-29-18. A huge thanks to the original roleplay partner for allowing usage of the story!
It started out like any normal spring day would. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Collier had been out and about earlier and was now heading home. He had his window down and was cruising along when he noticed a stopped vehicle in the distance on the side of the road. He could also see what looked like a person standing out in front of

The Main Foundation:
How these stories work
By: Collier
The Purpose Of This Article:
The purpose of the following article is to be able to establish the foundation for the stories. This is to better explain to the readers everything they need to know without having to constantly reiterate certain things in various stories, such as character information and scenarios.
The Main Character:
Collier is the main character of a majority of these stories. He’s 18,

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Over the next few days, I'm going to be re-working the documents I've uploaded in order to make them easier to read, since most of them are just blocks of text. Also, for the last three files, I will be working on character profiles for them, which will be open source for anybody to create stories or art with, if you'd like or if you need ideas!

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