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Friendly, fuzzy woluf who just happens to be a struggling author in need of help in any possible way. Pred/Prey switch (under the right circumstances). Trying to make the money to survive and unable to find a decent job. Any help, at all, would be much appreciated.

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Hearts and Hooves Day Celebration.

Twilight lounged back on her bed, staring up at the poster of Amelia Airheart, a Pegasus who flew around the world and one of her personal heroines. She’d always been amazed at Miss Airheart’s ability to fly, almost nonstop. From one hemisphere to another and back. She’d stopped to sleep, of course, and to eat, but ot

Happy New Year!

Just a little way of saying happy New Year, maybe starting a trend. This is Artemis. Son of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Prince Knight Shadow or Noctis or whatever my dad’s calling himself these days. Yes, I know there are other universes out there where mom married Flash Sentry, the guard from the Crystal Empire (who she barely knows), or Big Mac. There’s even universes out there wh

Unification of All.

Part 4.

Starlight kept herself hidden, invisible, her stomach a little sore. Five ponies in only a few hours gave her a stomach ache.
“I shouldn’t have eaten them that quickly.


… I hope this all works out…”


of All

Part 3.

Starlight languished back against the wall of the clubhouse, her stomach definitely feeling much better after having shrunk down the cowgirl to the size of her little sister, making more room inside. “I wonder who I should get next… maybe the shy one on the edge of the everfree.” She said to herself

Unification of All Part 2.

Starlight trotted through Ponyville, invisible and non-corporeal, testing a new “ghosting” spell she’d created so she could walk without being bumped, her belly still mildly upset after gulping down the three fillies. Being that she’d also cast the “hammer space” spell on her stomach, she didn’t have any extra padding, but three school fillies

Unification of All.

Part 1.

Ponyvillians were all so normal. Always welcoming of anypony new to their town. Even if that somepony was the former leader of a town of, as they would call it, brain washed slave ponies. They never paid attention, and anyone walking into town with a cloak on, hood up to hide their heads, was usually met with “Hello, how

Chapter 2

Starlight sat in the farthest back corner of the cell, a blanket thrown over her shoulders, knees pulled up to her chest. From the initial look around when she’d first woken up in the cell, she was in an old run down castle. If she had to guess, it was the Castle of the Two Sisters, but without seeing anything but the cell, she couldn’t tell where exactly she was. Hearing a shuffling sound

The Wolf of Nightmares

Chapter 1

She flashed back to her first encounter with Nightmare Moon. The possessed Princess Luna had done the same thing, but she’d been slightly more dramatic about it, and there hadn’t been that sense of “It’s over” in Twilight’s heart. As she stared

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I have had this running in the back of my mind for... about a week now. A Fantasy RPG story. What I'll do, because I do kinda want to attempt to earn money off of this, is I'll charge for things to happen. At the end of each chapter, under an underline or page break, I'll post something asking you guys what you think should happen. Now, it's not gonna be for free. I will write the story, no matter what the outcome of this, but my paypal donations for it will dictate what happens in the finale.

That is not to say the finale is when all the vorish/sexy/death-y stuff happens. Characters will be getting eaten, fucked, killed, and all manner of other such stuff throughout the story. The only character that won't be getting killed will be the main character. I'll get to that in a moment.

[ Continued ... ]

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That would be Karyn. Take it away girl

Kar: So the arms in about 83% of situations seem to survive digestion for whatever reason. Belched up, passed through, in most art of actual digestion they have survived in one way or other, possibly as just a form of sight gag.

Each new clone body however comes equipped with a new set. I often try and reclaim the old ones id they are in working condition and it's not too hazardous to do so. No point losing another set trying to retrieve the first.


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Hey you still wanna rp?


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Hey crimson how are you


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Yoyr wlecome my little next, prey, food,a ja, male dor'z d


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Thanks a lot for the watch, it's most appreciated! Huzzah!

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It's no problem, I'm starting to get hooked! And thanks for the watch, I'm glad you enjoyed my own work.


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Thanks for watching me! I appreciate it! :)

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Since no one's tossed something here, welcome to the Portal, in all its splendor!

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