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Friendly, fuzzy woluf who just happens to be a struggling author in need of help in any possible way. Pred/Prey switch (under the right circumstances). Trying to make the money to survive and unable to find a decent job. Any help, at all, would be much appreciated.

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My commissions prices are as follows.

Short Story (2,000-5,000 words): $20.
Single Chapter Story (5,500 - 10,000 words): $40
Multi Chapter (5 - 50 chapters) $60-$80 (prices may vary depending on length of desired story)
Multi-Story (more than one "book") $60 - $90 (price may vary depending on amount of "books")

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“Come on, gang! We’re almost there! I know we are close!” Gold marched confidently onward, leading the group on their quest. He knew they were close to the Lake of Rage and closer to his goal of catching the red Gyarados.

“Yeah! I can feel it too!” Crystal was a charming young woman who was equally enthusiastic to get a glimpse of the red Gyarados.

“Gold, are you absolutely sure about this?” Silver trai

Fallout Nawlins.

I woke up with a throbbing head ache. Seventh time this month. My Pip-Boy clicked madly but I noticed three things. One, I was in a cage. Two, I wasn’t wearing my Vault Suit. Three, my Pip-Boy was on a table beside me. What was I wearing? Well, that’s up for debate really. What I had on couldn’t exactly be classified as “clothes”. A strip of cloth over my breasts to

The Prince and his Predator.

She said her name was Sierra, like the desert in Saddle Arabia. Twelve feet of gorgeous black scales. Wings large enough to provide shade for six ponies. Her neck was sinuous and powerful, her tail just as majestic. All four of her paws ended in razor sharp claws that she could use with the delicate precision of acupuncture needles. And I was absolutely in love. Many ponies would sco

Dragon Ball World.

Rarity and Fluttershy stared at the mirror. The crystal over the top of it was a perfect sphere of amber, a star in the middle of it. “So, this world is a mystery?”

“Yes. The crystal appeared sometime last night. I think you and Fluttershy would be best suited for this trip.” Twilight said and Rarity nodded. Fluttershy swallowe

Titan World.

Pinkie practically vibrated in place, Applejack beside her staring at the mirror. Twilight wanted them to go through the mirror this time. Used to Pinkie’s “Pinkie Sense”, Twilight wondered if this would be the one. The “Doozy” of the discovery of their new home. Nodding to the two of them, Pinkie and Applejack walked through the mirror and into their possible new home.


Sleep Over


“Ah, so that’s what it is.” Aeon said and Sunset stared at the table. She jumped when she felt his arm around her shoulders. “Don’t be embarrassed Sunny. Everyone back home has their dark sides. Yours just took some time to manifest. Celestia has faced hers, Luna faced hers, even Twi

A Chaotic Encounter of the Feminine Variety.

Everypony knew Discord was the Lord and Master of Chaos. The only Draconeques to exist in all of Equestria. At least that was the story they were all lead to believe. By Discord himself. Fluttershy corroborated his story by explaining he lived alone. And they had tea parties on the ceiling. What Discord knew but wouldn’t tell anyone was that there were multiple

Terminator World.

“Me?” Luna asked, looking at Twilight, who nodded.

“Yes. I’ve peeked into this world myself, and I believe you and Rarity would be best suited here.” Twilight said and Luna stared at the mirror. Rarity had already gone through it, awaiting her partner. Luna sighed then nodded and stepped up to the mirror.


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Just had a random assed thought.

A Female Cell absorbs someone with her tail, but doesn't send them all the way through. Instead, they feel the "needle" get tighter around their feet and they're pushed into something else that forces them to curl up. On the outside, whoever is nearby gets to watch as the Fem Cell unbirths someone she was just trying to absorb. And thus, a new breed of Cell Junior is born. With the personality, power and temperament of the absorbed.

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Kar: So the arms in about 83% of situations seem to survive digestion for whatever reason. Belched up, passed through, in most art of actual digestion they have survived in one way or other, possibly as just a form of sight gag.

Each new clone body however comes equipped with a new set. I often try and reclaim the old ones id they are in working condition and it's not too hazardous to do so. No point losing another set trying to retrieve the first.


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