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Friendly, fuzzy woluf who just happens to be a struggling author in need of help in any possible way. Pred/Prey switch (under the right circumstances). Trying to make the money to survive and unable to find a decent job. Any help, at all, would be much appreciated.

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My commissions prices are as follows.

Short Story (2,000-5,000 words): $20.
Single Chapter Story (5,500 - 10,000 words): $40
Multi Chapter (5 - 50 chapters) $60-$80 (prices may vary depending on length of desired story)
Multi-Story (more than one "book") $60 - $90 (price may vary depending on amount of "books")

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They say when you dream something multiple times, it’s bound to come true. Keep dreaming you’re a millionaire, someday you will be. Keep dreaming you own a Ferrari, someday you will. Keep dreaming you get eaten alive by a giant fifty foot long snake that broke out of its enclosure at the zoo, made its way down thirty miles of highway without getting run over, slipped into your house late at night and into your room without alerting the dogs or cats… no way that’ll happen

Sierra’s Pony


Sierra stared down at her partner, master, friend and lover. Artemis was a… strange sort. When she’d met him, he was transporting gems to the little troll, Flurry Heart. Then she’d made a meal of him but something… changed. Something about him was different. He hadn’t been afraid when she’d eaten him. Hadn’t eve

Ebony Odogaron.

Hunters had been falling left and right. Dragged back to the main hub by the Palico Recovery Team, they’d be covered in scars, bites and injuries that, without the healing ability of the medical practitioners, would end the careers of lesser men and women. One hunter, however, recognized the injuries. Slashes across the armor, bite wounds glistening with saliva. The slashes were what drove

Nightmare Moon, the Princess of Fear.

Twilight stared at the castle in front of them, amazed that they’d made it. Walking into the forest hadn’t been any trouble. They’d come across a river that was being writhed and frothed by a thrashing sea serpent. He’d been calmed by Rarity removing her own tail and merging it with his face to make the mustache whole. An act of pure generosity. The f

The Witches Princesses.

Twilight and Rarity stood at the very top of Mount Canterhorn. Their fur cloaks whipped in the wind, their legs chilled by the frozen air. But Rarity’s
plan would be seen through to the end. Today, Rarity achieved her greatest triumph. Today, Rarity claimed the ultimate prize of any Witch. “Are you certain, mistress?” Twilight asked and Rarity nodded. Tw

Sunbutt Salutation.

Many ponies saw Celestia as a goddess. Or at the very least a deity. They worshiped her as if she were their divine overseer. The ground she walked on was holy land. The air she breathed was divine air. Even the water she bathed in was considered a “Holy Elixir”. It still amazed Celestia how many ponies would
her bath water to drink it in some

EYF-MLP Challenge.

Celestia sat on her throne, her stomach rumbling. It had been almost one hundred years since she’d last had a
meal. To many ponies, a filling meal consisted of hay-cakes, oat fries, and a smoothie. Celestia could never really
up on those. Since becoming an Alicorn many, many,

OC/Story Character Ages.

Aaron/Arion, First Born Son of Chaos, Lord of the Seven Rings of Reality, Master of Time and Space, Creator of the first Deities: Not going to put that many
zeroes. Looks 28, perpetually.

Alyssa: Aaron’s lover, future wife. Human. 24.

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Just had a random assed thought.

A Female Cell absorbs someone with her tail, but doesn't send them all the way through. Instead, they feel the "needle" get tighter around their feet and they're pushed into something else that forces them to curl up. On the outside, whoever is nearby gets to watch as the Fem Cell unbirths someone she was just trying to absorb. And thus, a new breed of Cell Junior is born. With the personality, power and temperament of the absorbed.

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Kar: So the arms in about 83% of situations seem to survive digestion for whatever reason. Belched up, passed through, in most art of actual digestion they have survived in one way or other, possibly as just a form of sight gag.

Each new clone body however comes equipped with a new set. I often try and reclaim the old ones id they are in working condition and it's not too hazardous to do so. No point losing another set trying to retrieve the first.


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