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Friendly, fuzzy woluf who just happens to be a struggling author in need of help in any possible way. Pred/Prey switch (under the right circumstances). Trying to make the money to survive and unable to find a decent job. Any help, at all, would be much appreciated.

My PayPal account is

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My commissions prices are as follows.

Short Story (2,000-5,000 words): $20.
Single Chapter Story (5,500 - 10,000 words): $40
Multi Chapter (5 - 50 chapters) $60-$80 (prices may vary depending on length of desired story)
Multi-Story (more than one "book") $60 - $90 (price may vary depending on amount of "books")

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The Witch’s Hunter.

Rarity stared straight ahead, barely hidden among the crowd. Staring back at her, as if there were no other ponies in town, was Twilight Sparkle. Princess Celestia’s star pupil. The most powerful Unicorn in Equestria. The most skilled Witch Hunter. The rumors were that Twilight Sparkle could tell if somepony was a witch simply by looking at them. If that was the case, Rarity was s

September Update.

Nothing for this month, as there aren’t many holidays of note in September that are celebrated world-wide. However, next month is OCTOBER. You all know what that means. Nightmare Night is on its way. SO, in preparation for Nightmare Night, I will be writing a FULL MONTH of Halloween themed MLP Fics. They may or may not ALL contain vore, but they will be Halloween Themed.

Wolf of Nightmares.

Chapter 7.

Fluttershy looked around her mindscape and sucked in a breath of fresh air. Everything was peaceful. Birds in the sky, fish in the ponds, there weren’t even any predatory animals, like bears or foxes or any of those. If the fate of Equestria wasn’t hanging in the balance, she could stay here forever. But she had

Wolf of Nightmares

Chapter 6.

Rainbow’s mindscape was... interesting. She stared down the edge of a cliff that didn’t seem to have an end. There was no ground below her. Merely more and more and more sky. “Sooo... what now?”

“Now you jump.” A voice said from directly beside her and she nearly d

Wolf of Nightmares

Chapter 5.

“You said ten minutes. It’s been an entire hour. And I’m sick of losing.” Rainbow snapped as the Demoness stood and stretched. The bulge in her stomach was the only indication that Twilight was still safe. Rainbow glared at the checker’s board, her last piece effectively surrounded by all of th

Enchanted Apple Pie.

Rarity, the Witch of the Everfree, strolled through town, late into the night. Hidden from prying eyes by her own magic, she was free to go where she pleased and do what she wanted. Her first stop... Sugar Cube Corner. A witch can’t persist on magic and fillies alone for long and keep her figure. Despite the name, Sugar Cube Corner also stocked healthy varieties of their treats, and th

The Witch’s Scoota-burger.

Scootaloo rolled back to her house, clutching her latest pay from Sugar Cube Corner in her hand. She’d made enough this month to pay off her house for the next two months
afford a new scooter. And some new clothes. And take Applebloom out to dinner. That last thought made a blush appear on her face and she slid to a stop and slapped her

Vore Day.

Pinkie Pie bounced along in Ponyville, completely uninhibited by other ponies.
“Huh... but I only put out the fliers about Vore Day today.”
She thought to herself as she bounced towards Ponyville Boutique. Knocking on the door, she waited until the entire thing glowed with Rarity’s sapphire blue magic and turned invisible. No, not invisible. See throu

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I hate doing this... like REALLY hate doing it. I'd avoid it entirely if I could, but desperate times... I need money. Badly. Not even a lot, just enough to cover a bottle of contact solution, however much that is. Between my mom's job and my job, we just don't make nearly enough to cover ALL of the essentials, such as food, water bill, electricity, internet and heat, let alone things like contact solution so I can see (mom doesn't do contacts). I got glasses, yes, so I can see at night and not have to hassle with taking my contacts out before going to bed (couldn't afford the kind you can wear while you sleep), but I got the contacts specifically so I wouldn't have to wear glasses every damn day.

Here's the slightly longer explanation of the jobs. My mom is a writer for the local news...
[ Continued ... ]

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Kar: So the arms in about 83% of situations seem to survive digestion for whatever reason. Belched up, passed through, in most art of actual digestion they have survived in one way or other, possibly as just a form of sight gag.

Each new clone body however comes equipped with a new set. I often try and reclaim the old ones id they are in working condition and it's not too hazardous to do so. No point losing another set trying to retrieve the first.


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