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Darcy was terribly nervous and had a serious case of the jitters. It had been a week since She'd been registered and there hadn't been any real opportunities for her to indulge herself very much. Tomorrow, though, tomorrow she would do something fun—even if she had to go out and buy 20 gallons of orange juice.

This was not why Darcy was so jittery, however. Darcy received a call from Daniel yesterday asking her to meet him at the AnthroTech compound where she had registered herself

If wishes were Pokmon…

Anyone foolish enough to believe they can be a master of something that is their equal, let alone their superior doesn't deserve to be master of themselves.

For the past few centuries we have thought ourselves the masters, but I have come to know the truth. Either we have been very, very lucky, or we are part of some vast and secret design of an unknown force more powerful, more ancient than we can imagine.

It only stands to reason that something has been p


“Do you have an eating fetish?” Daniel asked suddenly.

Darcy stopped cold in the hallways leading to the cafeteria. Not only had his forwardness surprised her, but she was now more embarrassed than she'd ever been in her life. It was as if someone shut down her brain. She was almost on the verge of tears when Daniel spoke up again.

“Oh it's perfectly alright. Our society was started by an unusual fetish, remember? It is one of the highest taboos in anthronid societ

Mind over Body

Hi there! Yeah it's me. Oh… you don't know who I am? Well, all for the better I suppose. Anyway you're probably here for the story aren't you? Yes, I've seen that sheepish look before. Don't be shy, just because you're different doesn't mean your wrong. Besides, I enjoy telling stories anonymously just as much as you like to read them in anonymity.

Right. Now for the story. It went a little something like this…

It was all a veeery long time ago. Maybe a co

When the machines landed 40 years ago the first thing they did was roll out some extremely advanced medical technology, making it freely available to the public and world governments. Aside from being able to cure every disease in the world, a few bright geneticists realized what else it could be used for. Hence the birth of AnthroTech Inc.

Most countries found the idea a mere novelty and never gave it serious thought. America, however, was in an economic and moral decline. It was on the fast

Insert whimsical title here.

Sol system. August 17th, 2501. Earth. So far it has been a day just like any other on 26th century Earth. The roads, now replaced with giant sidewalks, are crowded with pedestrians going to work, buying whatever catches their eyes in the local shops, running errands, meeting, visiting, everything 21st century people did. Not more than 50 feet above the sky is filled with vehicles of all sizes and design, utilizing the latest in EM suspension to remain aloft

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Cyrano's Blog - The First Return. Posted 7 years ago

Captain's Blog, first entry.

I'm BACK! Not that anyone would notice or particularly care. My presence and contributions have been scant and not particularly noteworthy. This, I hope, will eventually change. I want to write a novel--several in fact--to tell an epic story the likes of which has not been seen since The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Presumptuous and arrogant to think so? Most definitely. Which is why I need to get back into the swing of writing. Also reading. Lots and lots of reading.
Anyone can come up with another world wide cultural phenomenon. It's all in the execution--how you do it, not necessarily what you're doing... though that obviously does matter, too. Right now I know most of the story I want to tell. I have the world all figured...
[ Continued ... ]

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Cheers for watching my stuff :)


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thanks for the watch


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You dare doubt ME!?


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Thanks for watching! :3


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I like that idea. Thank you very much sir!

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Posted by Shadow_Walker 11 years ago Report

Cool man, I'll check it out.


Posted by Shadow_Walker 11 years ago Report

Just kickin' it. I've set up over on Deviant art and Fur Affinity, but I took my gallery here down.


Posted by Shadow_Walker 11 years ago Report

It's been forever since we talked.


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Posted by Cyrano 11 years ago Report

And I just realized that I have totally neglected to favorite the first person to honor me with a piece of gift art. Shame on me. I'll have to think of some way to make it up to them.


Posted by Cyrano 11 years ago Report

Hm. I've been gone a rather long time, haven't I? I'm afraid I'll be gone even longer, too. I don't know if anyone ever checks here, but if so, then at least they'll know.
I'll be back. And I'll have a bunch of new stories-better written ones, too. Just not for a while. Writing well is slow for me and I have precious little time to do it.

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