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Danza's Blog - My First EKA blog Posted 12 years ago

So here I am with my first blog, I plan on adding a lot more vore stuff soon, got a bunch of CV and POV pics to come too :P

So today I finished my 4th week of college and it seems to be going very well. Although bieng the only guy in a media class of 24 is annoying. As time goes on I seem to get more and more annoyed of women and more attracted to men. Then again I am very picky when it comes to guys, Its like I expect them to at least have the same physical looks as me if not better :P

Other than that I have been doodling a lot, going to the gym which was my 9th visit. I really enjoy it and when I first went a few weeks ago I was just weak. But the good news is my last visit on Thurs I lifted 140lbs with my arms which was an improvement and 200lbs on my...
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Posted by Sagey 11 years ago Report

i found a Danza! :3


Posted by Raave 12 years ago Report

hehe no problem.


Posted by Danza 12 years ago Report

Deleted my gallery too, why should the site owner benefit from having my art here when he is just going to make out like I am some kind of scum bag :/

Sorry everyone, but I can't put up with it anymore :/


Posted by Tyrix 12 years ago Report

your most welcome ^_^


Posted by Danza 12 years ago Report

Basically because A certain someone keeps deleting my journals >..>


Posted by Danza 12 years ago Report

I have decided to leave this site for reasons that I don't need to go into. But its important enough to have made me want to leave :/

I will still be updating my FA account @ www.furaffinity.net/user/danza


Posted by Charizardcowman 12 years ago Report

Yeah, I'm gonna join FA, for the sole purpose of watching for new art from you! :) Read your blog, I put up something. I just want to know that even if everyone else doesn't care about talent and quality, I do, and will always eagerly await things from someone who shares that desire too.

Long live dragons!


Posted by Tyrix 12 years ago Report

Wicked work, i think ur work is amazing! :) Keep it up. Watched :)


Posted by Zeezy 12 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! ^.-.^


Posted by IceMan09 12 years ago Report

No problem. I love your artwork.


Posted by kitsun3chao 12 years ago Report

by the way is better than nothing :3


Posted by mistdragon 12 years ago Report

your welcome buddy^^

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