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Hi, I'm DarkAmotiger, but you can call me Amo or Anthony!

I write vore stories every month, so I hope you can enjoy them.


Be sure to support my Patreon if you enjoy my work, with benefits from seeing stories early, to getting stories written for you!

Here's my Discord tag if you wanna contact for any reason: Amotiger#3991

I also own a Cock Vore/CockTF server with 1000+ members, join here:

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Losing the Bet 2
“Hey, pay attention, will ya'!?”
Mia and I took our attention off of each other, looking over at the teacher. “I swear, I try to teach you two, but you're always slacking off. So this is how you two ended up failing grade 10, twice.” The teacher exclaimed while worn out. “Come on, we've been trying to focus this year... It's just that we... Took a quick break is all!” I reassured the teacher. She raised her eyebrow. “You two are adults n

November's Challenge 2
I yawned as rays of light shined through the window into my eyes. Putting both my hands by my sides onto the bed, I push myself to sit up. After rubbing my eyes and a few good stretches, I finally open my eyes. Before me I see the image of a huge sack between my legs, sloshing about with the churned goop of the cute boy from last night. “I hope you slept well in there last night Cody~.” Lifting myself out of bed, I feel the weight of my heavy balls pulling me d

November's Challenge
As I sat in the cafeteria staring blankly into the distance, I slowly began to snap back into reality, the amalgamation of sound coming from hundreds of other students became less as my ears started to focus on individual conversations. "The party was totally awesome, do you plan hosting another next Summer?" "Isn't next Summer far away though?" I toned that one out and tried to listen to another. "Hey, I'm excited for the holiday break~!" "Oh yeah, and why's that, Mia?" "C'

Losing the Bet
“We're heading out and won't be home until 11, that means we won't be able to pick you up, so walk home with Laurence and stay safe!”
It was 1:50 in the afternoon, I had just got a message from my parents, wanting me to walk home with my step-brother. I was in Math class, during the last period. Nothing too eventful happening, so a perfect opportunity to slack off.
“Hey Stephanie! Wanna hang out at my place this afternoon?” I heard from the blonde girl sitt

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Hey, I've been gone for a while. I'll just get straight to the point.

After the release of my previous story, I think it was in April or May of last year (can't check on mobile lol), I started work on my next story, one that would answer something that been popping up throughout various stories of mine. Unfortunately, I very quickly hit writer's block, every time I opened up the document for it, I could barely get a sentence in before closing it back down, the motivation just wasn't there. Not that I didn't want to make it either, months prior I had been thinking of that story and was excited to make it and show it off. I ended up throwing the WIP on my Patreon (by the way please don't pledge to it until I start posting stories again).

Then November came around, I...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by CyanKnight 4 months ago Report

Thank you so much for the watch!


Posted by NightRoller 8 months ago Report

You might consider adjusting your profile a little, I'm not sure it's accurate.
Nice to see another author though! Keep improving, keep reading, keep practicing!

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Posted by henty 8 months ago Report

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You are welcome :)


Posted by Chameleonette 1 year ago Report

Thank you kindly for the watch and the faves! :) I appreciate it!


Posted by DocAndMharti 1 year ago Report

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Nice! Also, tbh, I was kind of hoping the bf wouldn't be able to reform :P


Posted by DocAndMharti 1 year ago Report

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Well, there was the thing about the other girl and people disappearing during part 2, I was wondering if we'd see more about that


Posted by DocAndMharti 1 year ago Report

When are we getting a sequel to the nnn story? :P

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