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DarkDragon's Blog - Totally inactive Posted 11 years ago

I don't use this much, do I? X3

Well anyway, got a question for any computer whizzes out there.

I have 5 GB space left. My computer runs slowly. Without spending any money, how can I increase the amount of space I have and make my computer run faster? I know about compressing the hard drive but someone told me that was a load of crap and makes it worse. I know about defragging but that takes ages. I haven't defragged it for like, a year maybe.

Any suggestions?

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Posted by can 7 years ago Report

Are you still about?


Posted by Mometsu 11 years ago Report

But it was from August and I know how fast they brake down lol


Posted by Mometsu 11 years ago Report

Is your 360 still working? xD


Posted by Panicozu 11 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch, Sir!


Posted by YoshiDragon336 11 years ago Report

your welcome


Posted by Zeezy 11 years ago Report

You're welcome. ^.-.^
Just a question, do you plan on finishing that Fox Harvest animation?


Posted by factorx1x 12 years ago Report

you're welcome :3


Posted by Lance_Foxx 12 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch! ^^


Posted by Naubol 12 years ago Report

Could be since its a avatar reflecting how i am at the computer X3. A normal Lolcat it is.

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Posted by Mometsu 12 years ago Report

Ooh...well believe it or not I work for a certain helpdesk involving a certain white box (or black in some cases) created by a certain supermonstercongolmerate of a company (that want's to take over the universe according to some confidential files).... And it so happens that i know that you need to reconnect all the power supply cables (so from xbox to power socket), make sure you connect the brick lookalike to a direct wall socket (make sure other appliances work on it)....And if that doesn't work, order a new one from the planet devouring behemoth that was created by a certain biljon dollar geek....


Posted by dragonx1992 12 years ago Report

When are going to finish your Fox harvest animation, I cant wait ^-^


Posted by Khael 12 years ago Report

Hello hello, and thank you very much for watching me! Thus speaks a certain satisfied dragon =P

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