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A guy who can't draw, passing by.

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Couples roamed everywhere, happily enjoying themselves as they did couple things and went on their way as everything was covered in hearts and everything related to Valentines.

“Die, you fucking couples!” Melissa groaned

under breath

, trudging towards to work as her heart took damage from the sight of couples around her.

“Time to renew myself,” Beth said

to herself

, entering the gym and registering with the reception.

Getting into the locker room, she passes by a mirror and grimaces at the thing in the reflection. Standing there, was a


brunette woman with a gut that protruded by a couple of feet f

Shclick! That was the constant sound that was heard throughout the entire room as multiple men dressed in black suits and sunglasses were prepping up their weapons before marching away from the room. One of them, the biggest one of all, walked up to an elderly businessman bound to a wheelchair due to age and gave his report.

"All weapons have been checked and ready to go! The plane is already waiting for us to depart and we should be able to reach our d

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In a bathroom

like any other one, a girl was sitting

on the toilet, trying to vacate her


Normally, one wouldn’t pay any attention to the college student, but if they had met her before this morning, they would

remember her being a super thin stick.


Loud roars of cheering could be heard

for miles around as millions of people were gathered in a coliseum and their cheering increased in volume as a man dressed up as a pope came up to a podium that was set right above the people.

“My fair people! It is that day once again! The day of grand feast! Our god shall decide who is worthy of adding to her divine figure

! T


was excited about today


The young child was a major baseball fan

and wanted to play some baseball with his

friends. However, this summer was not so

kind, as it was always raining

, almost all of the time and the breaks between the

It was a firey landscape,

blackened sands as far as the eye can see, with the


hellish flames popping up or darkened

sticks pointing out of the ground

while they excuse themselves as a tree.

It was the land of demons,

where the line between person an

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I've may of gotten too eager and released my latest story without consulting the characters' creators. I basically insulted them with this and because of that, I felt so bad for this that I've decided to remove the story from my gallery. I really did forget about that fact and hope those guys/gals would forgive, but for now, the story will be on the backburners until a later date. My apologies to ThunderKing and Draconatedz. :(

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