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The rickety door of a Little Canterlot apartment opened up the harsh whining from the hinges. First through the door was Ashton, a small Diamond Dog at least by their standards, and following just behind helped by Ashton's strong paws was Brilliant Quill, a fat and overstuffed unicorn. Ash let go of one of Quill's legs and took a fat purse from his mouth passing it to a nearby table; the purse landing with a dulll chime. He pulled that pot back to quills leg patting his hoof with a smile, &ld

Ser Quillix, young unicorn knight of the Greatlands, stood high above the kingdom he served to protect. He surveyed what would one day be his like a lion surveying its pride lands. For this day would go on in remembrance as the first of many triumphis for the brave knight, Ser Quillix would be king and his legacy would begin after the slaying of a fierce dragon! Quill smiled imagining the small hill that he stood on as a grand balcony of a castle, his subjects cheering and chanting his name hor

Cloud Chaser sighed blissfully to herself while she left the train station, her train sounding its horn not long before departing. “Home Sweet Home,” she muttered under her breath wiggling in wing. She rustled in back; she quickly winced and looked back to her wing, having nearly forgotten about the bandages during the long sleepy ride here.
Wow, Bulk was right, I am a deep sleeper. Hope I wasn’t snoring
. She tossed her thought aside with

The old metal floor of a prewar brewery groaned suspiciously under the weights of a rolling keg and a teal colored pegasi. She huffed exhaustively but found a bit more strength when she was only feet from a large pile kegs; one in particular still attracted to a spout. Dr. Cumulus rolled the keg to a stop holding its sloshing contents till it calmed enough to be still. She moved to the spout clamping her teeth around it. She struggled for several attempts but finally undid it with a pressuri

“Happy Birthday dear Quill. Happy Birthday to you!” a group of five ponies dressed in different maid and butlery outfits, even a pegasus chef whose attire was covered in complimenting food stains, sang to Quill.

Quill bashfully smiled at the group of pony. The usually timid pony having swallowed his nature and allowing himself to be the center of attention for once. He even went as far as to wear a small party hat showing just how committed he was to the e

You stood outside a mostly intact building; a sign made of several letters scavenged from neon signs spelt out “The Greasy Slut”. You paused on the space after the ‘T’, an ‘S’ was there at some point but judging by the large ‘S’ leaning against the building. It must have falling at some point. You shook your head pulling yourself back to the sign. “What is this place?” you asked aloud. The world answered back with the normal sounds

You rolled awkwardly in your sleep when a deep chill rolled through your fur. You were satisfied for a moment till the wind tickled at your ear forcing a flick of your ear. The same chill spreading from your ears and cooling your head. You ground your teeth while scrunching into a tighter ball when the strongest gust yet fatly flowed through your fur and chilled you to your deepest core. Your ball tightened along with a powerful shivering that pulled you from what little sleep your mind has

The skyline of Los Ponso was a flurry of city sounds like it always was. Car horns bleared while they waited in afternoon traffic. Ponies of all shapes and sized talked and laughed while they walked or waddled the near endless miles of sidewalks. Parts of the city sang with thumping music as ponies battled it out for loudest stereos. And mixed into all of the overlay, the sounds of guns and slurping gulps snaked from in the seediest parts of the city to its brightest and cheeriest. The stat

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Has it really been two years since I updated this journal?

Well, I guess I'll fill some of you in on my thoughts and what I'm been doing. The last year or so I've gotten a new job, doing alright for myself for once. I'm content. I've got a bad habit of keep myself on edge but I'm trying to stay busy and be productive. This year's writing hasn't been going like I would have hoped but there's till the rest of the year. (I had a new year's resolution to post 6 stories this years. I've posted one so far. I've worked on others but I haven't finished them or I get myself side tracked when I'm writing. Forget about them or like when I'm writing this journal, start pacing and going off on some tangent and spend the rest of the day talking to myself about the idea or what I'd...
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