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It is a the cyat, you can call me that or whatever else you think of in your noggin really.

I'm not likely to be terribly active here, just gonna use this place to upload a few select images, if you want my most frequently updated gallery visit my FurAffinity :v
With vore my pictures are usually left open ended so people can interpret the ending however they choose, though sometimes I will do pics where the ending is more obvious (but nothing super extreme like graphic digestion or disposal, those are no-gos for me)

Click here to see chalacters

I'm open for commissions to save up money to move out of my current home, I'd appreciate the business a lot, please read my info here first and fill in this form if interested.

I also do trades but only with friends or people I ask first (and rarely at all at present).

Requests are a no go for me, can't spare the time for them these days.

I also don't RP, sorry.

If you can't afford to commission me but still wanna throw a little change at me I have a Ko-Fi too -w-\

Cyat girlfriend thing to  StormyRange <3

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Posted by CutenessOverlord 7 months ago

Thanks a lot for watching me here, cute cyat. :3


Posted by Bright 7 months ago

You got some fun vore scenarios going on. I'll watch you!


Posted by lycovore 7 months ago

A cyat! ^w^


Posted by jacobgord12345 7 months ago

oh hey nise to see you got a eka's account now o3o~

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Posted by SlitheringSnake 7 months ago

Thanks for watchin'.


Posted by Vorishsuicune 7 months ago

Eyy, welcome here too! :D


Posted by CalinBeast 8 months ago

Hey, I remember seeing you on FurAffinity! Welcome! ^.^


Posted by AnonymousShark00 8 months ago

Thank you for the watch! And welcome to the portal! :D

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