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and Aelita traveled to a large jungle in India. “Ok Aelita were
looking for the talking animals.” “I’m telling you Yumi there
are no talking animals.” “Well I believe there are.” Ok but
when we don’t find any you owe me for wasting my time.” “Ok.”
The 2 girls entered different parts of the jungle to see if the
talking animals were real or not.” (Aelita is wrong I know the
talking animals are real.) Yumi walked for about 5 mins when she saw
a snake up in a near by tre

“Cheaters.” “No friends were just extremely lucky.” “GET
THEM.” Just then Chel come on Altivo to help Tulio and Miguel
escape the angry people they just hustled. “Good timing Chel.”
“No problem Tulio.” Once in the clear all three got off the
horse. “Ok how much gold did you guys make?” “250.” “250? I
could have got more than that in an hour.” “Oh yeah well tomorrow
you go to the town on the other side of that forest and well do hear
who ever has mor

all the kids got off the boat Buford was hungry so he walks over to
Phineas. "Hey dinner bell is there still food on the ship."
"There should be Buford and you can change into your clothes
now." "Hey Phineas will you come to my house I have
something to show you." "Ok Isabella." With everyone
on their way home Buford headed to the ship. Buford searched but
couldn’t find any food this angered by this Buford decided that he
would satisfied with Phineas,

was walking along the forest in search of a sex slave to satisfy her
lust. While at the same time Samus Aran one of the most fear bounty
hunter was in search of her target the two passed each other but
Samus got a strange feeling and checked the picture of her target and
realized that the woman who just pass was the the target so she gave
chase Morrigan had stop a little bit away to look around for a slave
when Samus tackled her. “Got you to collect my bounty.” “Not
for fast mr”

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