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Hello! My name is Reya C. (she/her), and I'm a trans woman who is a bi lesbian and a vore writer!
I have all kinds of things that I like to read and enjoy, but my main type of story is F/F same size soft vore with fatal digestion. So if you like that, please, come in, look around! If not, you might still find something you like around!

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"Out of the way, I'm here to see the undisputed musical champion of all Nova and I will not be delayed," Brin announced proudly, strutting past the pathetic-looking maid with gifts in hand. "She's expecting me."The maid hurried after her, rushing to catch up and spread her arms over the door to the princess's bedchamber to block the imposing duchess from entering. "Wait - my lady, the princess has forbidden visitors and gifts, I understand you two are becoming, err, close, and the guards might l

The Fell Priestess Amaryllis passed through the cell door, holding her usual collection bucket in both hands with the jar of lubricant rattling around inside. It was time for the daily milking of the slave formerly known as the Divine One... Alear.The door was open already; Lady Veyle was inside, bouncing enthusiastically on the shackled Alear's lap as the two sat, face-to-face, on the toilet. A sadistic smirk twisted the Fell Princess's features as she locked eyes with her sister. "Come on, dea

"Wow..." Nicole breathed, stepping further into the foyer of the massive cat adoption center. "It's so beautiful..."Her voice echoed off the empty halls. For all the signposts of cats, displays of cats, glass-walled cat climbing play areas... there was a shocking lack of cats here. She wandered deeper in, peering around. There were monsters roaming outside, but this place seemed empty enough. Maybe there would even be people here. It seemed like it had been created by people... though the hallwa

The soft thump of Kazuko's hand hitting the wall beside Sara's head seemed to silence all other sounds. Time stopped as Kazuko met Sara's pale blue eyes with his own intense silver eyes, holding her transfixed."Sara... I can't watch this without intervening any longer. You deserve so much better than she's giving you," Kazuko said, voice calm and serious. He breathed out slowly, shaking his head. "She's my sister. I care about her just like you do. But don't you deserve to be cared for, too?"Sar

Nicole had no desire to end up as another meal for the ravenous dragon girl who had claimed her as pet and girlfriend. Or anyone else, for that matter - she wanted to live.But few things made her question this like being released, alive, from her girlfriend's stomach.She lay, half-curled, totally naked, on the hard, unforgiving floor of the bathtub. Being released into the cool air of Anju's bathroom felt like freezing to death after her stay in the warm, humid environment of her stomach, and sh

Sorcery School Swallowing SessionPrim raced down the hall, clutching her spellbook to her flat chest. Her messy chin-length silver hair was still wet with saliva from her last run-in with one of her classmates, and the clumps of hair kept flapping against her sensitive ears as she ran, providing an annoying reminder of her standing at Glassdale Academy with every plap.It was utterly unfair. Prim was the strongest and fastest girl her age in her village - a village of mighty elven heroines and th

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Moving this here, as the sanctity of fiction is a subject I'm passionate about and Tumblr has insisted on showing me pro/anti-shipping discourse lately no matter how much I tell it I'm not interested, so I've put a lot of thought into this.

This is mostly directed at people who like underage fiction but fear that it necessarily means they're attracted to real children. If you don't like underage fiction, or even if knowing that I produce or consume it makes you want to block me, that's perfectly fine - it is certainly not to everyone's taste, and people are entitled to their opinions and their lines they won't cross. This post probably won't have anything to say to you, so you can stop reading now.

There's an interesting thing about fiction and art more generally:...
[ Continued ... ]

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