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The Illusion is a pretty little club with a neon-lit sign, nestled away in a corner between a karaoke bar and a raucous pub. Which makes it surprising how quiet it is once you get inside.Alyona is a sweet, gentle woman with dark hair. She welcomes you with open arms, laughs and tells you she’ll be happy to show you around when you tell her it’s your first time here - and after a little while of chatting and inspecting the options she offers you for the antacid and stomach freshener, you deci

IntroductionMost cities have a vore district, colloquially known as the pink light district - a place where lots of vore takes place. There are plenty of lovely endo strip clubs where eager and scantily clad girls will give you the time of your life, be you pred or prey. Not all of it is voluntary, or even legal, though… The underground vore restaurants claim that they choose the best of the willing prey, but you know that’s not true. And not every endo club outing goes to plan…So while th

The dorm room door opens, revealing a black-furred catgirl with pale white skin and a warm smile. She hesitates a moment, looking the tall hare in her doorway up and down, and then her smile returns in force.“Oh, you must be Rin! Rin Winters, right? It’s so nice to finally meet you!” Reya says, beckoning Rin inside cheerfully. “You’re a little bit early, I’m still setting up, but that’s okay - c’mon in! You can hang your coat on the rack over there.”“Hi.” Rin gives Reya a s

The little cafe’s environment was peaceful and quiet, perfect for a fledgling mage’s first spell.Aivivih bent over the spell scroll, studying it intently. Her catlike Mithran ears stood up beneath her hood at the tingling feeling of its energy rushing into her, her tail fluffing out. The magic in it carved pathways into her mana circuits as she read it, soft white light enveloping her as the scroll absorbed itself into her and evaporated into the air. Her first taste of real magic… Up to n

It’s the end of another summer…All the campers have been picked up by their parents. It’s just the cleanup now. Returning the campsite to a state better than they found it. Cleaning out all the little cabins, putting away all the craft materials, scrubbing down the showers.And, of course, saying goodbye to each other.For Valerie and Alia, it’s a notable summer for two reasons. One, they’re both set to go off to school the following year. And two… that this summer, they’ve been very

The sound of the Poké Ball returning to its travel size was the sound of defeat. Or at least as close as one could get with an opponent like this.Sylvia smiled, putting her hands on her knees and crouching down to get closer to her opponent’s eye level. “Oh dear me, little miss Mint, I do believe that was your last Pokémon.”“Yeah, so what if it was?” Mint asked, all fire and bristles. The short, pale-green-haired girl was in mild shock. None of her many battles against the other girl

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The first chapter of the epic story collab  Ssublissive and I did is now live!

Read the story on Ssubby's page here and tell us what you think:
The full version of the story, including the option to turn on disposal scenes and the ability to follow the new chapters as they get posted, is here:

We'll be posting the later chapters as we get them edited! We hope you have as much fun reading as we did playing!

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Just thought I'd say I appreciate your stories. I refresh your page several times a week to check for new stuff. Not saying WRITE MORE GIVE ME FREE WRITING but I know it's nice get feedback from people. Even if I don't comment I've read all your stuff and most of it more than several times.


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