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I'm a gay mexican dude what primarily write stories about squishy kids that are uploaded out of order.

Discord: DerpTheWorstBoi#1881 profile:

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The year was 190X a young-looking man with crimson-hair was exploring a dense jungle with his wife. He sipped from a pewter wine glass as he walked through the brush, with his black-haired wife not far behind, her arm wrapped in bandages. The woman was named Trinity, dressed in khaki overalls and a pair of thick brown boots. Meanwhile, her husband, Baron Atticus C. Lockwood, was clad in tight-fitting white trousers and a pair of black boots, along with a white shirt and jacket and a red vest, al

As they walked into their class room, Selena and Natalie thought that today would be like any other. The other students separated into groups of three or four and took their seats at one of the small tables. The know-it-all brat, Isabella, sat with her group of friends. Bryan took his seat at his usual table... and was promptly sat on by the goat girl, Rowan, unaware that she had just smushed her little friend.Little did Nat and Selena know, they would soon make friends with a pair of very impor

a relatively short amount of time, Mire Island had become the fastest
growing business center in Spectrum Bay, with Creed Industries
bringing in dozens of high-paying jobs and creating vast wealth for
the city. Marissa Hauser was a 32 year-old human woman and one of the
lower-level employees, assigned to keep track of the company's sales.
She's also wanted to take a vacation for while, but all of her off
days were used up. The only option she had was to enlist in the
testing program. If a

story takes place two years prior to Dominic's disappearance]
clutched a black case as his speedboat glided across the water. He
had managed to get the generator of his facility to work, now using
the ocean currents to give the island power. However, he had
exhausted his funds in doing so. He had hoped that he stocked up
enough food for his daughter and employees to last for another couple
of weeks, but he hadn't counted on just how much Jackie ate in a day.
He couldn't just let he

Jack sat on the couch playing video games with his friend, Andrew. His mom was out at the moment, and she had let him stay by himself, as Andrew's mom was right next door.

"So you're getting a new sister, huh?", Andrew asked as they played Smash Bros. "That's cool, I guess. At least you're finally getting to sleep in your own bed now."

"Yeah, but now I ha

Dominic sat silently as Nikki carried him up to the apartments, trying to ignore his daughter's breasts bouncing on top of his head. "Thanks for helping me babysit Zekey's little brother and sister, Daddy", Nikki said as she ran up the stairs. "They can take care of themselves, but he doesn't trust them around his and Ari's stuff."

"Are you sure I'll be okay around them?", Dom asked. "Ezekiel's older sister stuffed me down

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I'm not expecting many people to donate due to the current state of things, but i've been asked about commissions from several people and while i still don't feel comfortable accepting commissions, i feel this is a good way for people to support me if you enjoy my writing or if you just feel generous.

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