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I primarily write stories about squishy kids that are uploaded out of order.

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Spectrum Bay was well known to inhabit people of all sorts, such as humans, anthros, and others. While they all normally lived peacefully, the mountains bordering Spectrum Bay were home to much more deadly and ravenous creatures, mostly having given in to their predatory nature. One of these creatures was Flora, a massive frog anthro who stood easily seven feet tall, though her large blue hairdo made her appear even taller, and had a rater thick figure to go along with her height. Today, she was

[note: This is not canon to any of my stories.]

[note #2: read the description if you just want to see the alternate ending. I know it’s a long read]

It was late at night at the Harper's residence. All the lights were out, the windows shut, and Trish was asleep in her bed while Jack lied next to her, his active mind unable to keep himself focused on getting som

[This story is not canon to any of my other stories]

It was late at night at the Harper's residence. All the lights were out, the windows shut, and Trish was asleep in her bed while Jack lied next to her, his active mind unable to keep himself focused on getting some much needed rest. The door's lock soon clicked, though, and Barbara entered the house. Trish had trusted her with a key, so it wasn't breaking and entering, but

“I didn't think folks like us could eat other people”, Nikki said as knelt down to get a look at Rico's squirming gut.
“Yeah, this one purple lady coached me, and now I’m just as able to snack on bitches as anyone else. If I see her again, I’ll see if she can help you out”, said Rico, as he struggled to walk with his full belly. “I usually stick to little kids since they’re easy, but this girl was really eager.”
Nikki poked her half-brother’s

“Jack, sweetie, could you please not sing while Mommy's driving?”, Trish asked as the other two boys held their ears.
“Yeah, leave it to the folks who can actually sing”, Bryan yelled.
Jack was unable to hear them as he sang horribly out of key along to “Try Everything”. The boy may have had a unique taste in music, but he was far from vocally gifted himself.
“Auntie, where’re we heading?”, Bryan asked as Jack continued singing.

"You gotta be careful now, Andrew", Jack said as Ian returned to normal. "You're my best friend and I don't want anything bad happening, so you gotta promise me you'll watch out for anything that might squish or eat you." Andrew had been bitten by Selena's new pet kitty, Ian, and had become malleable and gooey as a result and was currently just as vulnerable as his friend.
"Fine, fine", andrew said. "I'll be careful. I don't see how you can be all sc

Meeting your daughter’s boyfriend for the first time is always a big moment for a mother. Though to be honest with you, I was outright looking forward to it. Some mother’s might be nervous about their child’s choice of partner or they might threat about being an embarrassment. But I have nothing to be embarrassed about. I am a living breathing goddess with a body most women would kill for. Or more accurately, a body which when called fat would probably end up killing one of tho

Getting it’s name from the crystals that illuminate the sky at sunset, Spectrum Bay has an interesting history. The city started as a simple beach resort. One day, it’s tough to pinpoint exactly when, a fissure cracked open the mountain overlooking the bay, exposing the crystals that lay beneath the earth. When the snow began to melt and the flowed over them to the ocean below, it had an odd effect on the water. This effect wasn't discovered until a vacationing couple were swimming in the

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