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The Mongoose and the Mouse Sandwich

Fred the mouse was really hungry. He spotted a house. It would have to do. He needed food really soon. He snuck in through an open window.

He found a pantry. He would have to climb high up. He climed up to the top. He opened the door and got in. He grabbed a ton of food and ate it.

When he tried to climb down, however, he accidentally knocked over a jar, which fell the floor and shattered. He heard footsteps. Before he could get down, the door to the pantry opened and the light came on.

A male mongoose, wearing a white nightshirt and fruit of the loom underwear came in. He looked at the jar and at Fred. The mongoose was not amused.

The mongoose grabbed Fred. "I don't like intruders." said the mongoose. He got out some bread, some...
[ Continued ... ]

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