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Hello all you fellow Vore lovers! I am a novice in the crafts of drawing vore and focus on Post-Vore, Unbirth and Anal Vore.
Sorry if that isn't your cuppa tea. However as of recently I have been enlightened to have more variety. So hit me up with requests, trades or whatever and I'll see what I can do :)


I'm closed For Requests atm! -

I'll only do your request if it's something I want to draw so don't hhh me if I decline :) There are some things I don't draw so I'll make that clear here - No Male Pred, No Maternal, No Scat (Might draw minor amounts for AV), No Feral Vore, No Gorey Vore (Digestion being an exception),
No cannibalism, No Old Preds and No Breast Vore (For now). That's all I can think of, but there may be other things!

When I upload your request to my gallery I'll tag you in the description unless you don't want me to, so make sure to say if you don't want that!


Feel free to PM me about anything at all, requests, questions, ideas, just to talk, etc!
My Discord just for Aryion is right here: Doughnutz2000#0602

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Heya, I figured I'd make a discord more designated for devious stuff / Aryion as it's easier to talk on there rather than through pm's so here's my Discord if you wanna hit me up or talk :)


An error on my part, sent out the wrong discord account, same name :P

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Thanks muchly for the fave!


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np, great stuff btw :)


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You're very welcome!


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Thx 4 fav


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Also thanks~


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Thanks for the favorite! I'm glad you enjoyed the comic~

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Your welcome


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