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Heya! I'm a long time lurker turned user! I've been watching a ton of artists for years now and decided to join in on the fun! While I can't draw anything of great design, I can somewhat write a decent story! (In my and my dog's opinion, at least.) So, I'll probably be, on occasion, uploading a story or two when the muse or time allows me to. College eats anything that isn't itself. Cheers!

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“It’s good to be home. I didn’t think I’d be this sore so fast.” Lucas releases an audible groan of stiffness as he walks in his front door. Lucas is a college student at the ripe age of 20, and as per the usual with college students, he’s short on money. Lucas didn’t come from money, nor did he possess the athletic skill or academic skill to get many scholarships. Most of the ones he has received are low paying types that most anybody gets for applying

It is early morning in the Whitham house, and the sun is barely peeking over the horizon. However, that didn’t stop the rays of sunlight from seeping through Grover’s window and onto his face at 6AM. There he lays sprawled across his bed, sheets partially covering his legs, and falling to the floor from constant shifting in the night. The teenage male that is Grover Whitham is an average one that could be easily located by tossing a stone. He is 5’7, glossy black hair, a farmer

“Mmmmmmhhhh…..” The sound of a sleeping, peaceful individual is all the noise that can be heard on this peaceful morning. There is no wind, no birds, no noise. It is just the gentle breathing of someone enjoying their sleep into the early hours of the day. The image of a young adult, bordering somewhere on the cusp of his early twenties, can be vaguely outlined through the large comforter thrown over him in his bed. The twin bed he lays upon is expanded from it’s normal


Leon grumbles out a frustrated sigh as he calls his girlfriend, Penny, for what seems like the 100th time. Again, the long-waiting dialing of the phone results in the same autonomous voice requesting he just leave a voicemail after the beep. He decides to leave a 5th voicemail for her expressing his worry and annoyance that she isn’t answering his calls. They were supposed to meet up at the local park for a picnic date they had deci

It is early morning at the University of Cheswold and the morning fall sun is shining down upon the large campus with a hearty greeting. The time reads exactly 7:30 AM and most classes would not start for another 30 minutes to a few hours, so the campus grounds are mostly empty at the moment as students and faculty alike ready themselves for the upcoming classes they have. One student, in particular, would be Grover Whitham. A junior in college and 21 years of age. The Wildlife & Fisheries m

A sleepy yawn escapes Grover’s lips as he walks back into his room and collapses on his bed. He rolls over and slides up against the wall as he slides a hand up his belly to rub the slightly bloated skin. He had devoured almost all the swiss steaks his mother shoved in front of him. After the 7th one, he figured that his mother should be given a break and allow for her and his father to eat. The potatoes that entered his sight were quick to disappear as well. The only reason he didn’

Grover leans back on his hands as he props himself up in bed after taking a really, really refreshing nap. Willow happily preoccupies herself with his belly as she feels up the new chub that his aunt made. She knew of Amanda, but hadn’t really talked much to her before today. It was a shame she had to blow all that tasty experience on trying to take out her cutie pie of a glutton she called her lover. She sighs and leans against the belly to listen to the soft churns and grumbles of his in

It was an average summer morning in the Whitham household. It was 7AM, Grover was still in bed, and his parents were both at work already. The small sunny rays crept through Grover’s blinds like small ants trailing into his room. He lay peacefully unaware of the sun and everything as he had a great night’s sleep last until. That is, until a loud series of bangs sounded off on his door for no reason. Grover shot up, alarmed panic in his eyes as

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Oh my gosh! Dusty isn't dead?! Of course he is! It's just some necromancy at work, duh.

Okay, jokes aside for a few sentences, I want to first say: Hey! I won't be posting on a continual basis! Who could have guessed? The reason for this is college. I grossly underestimated my free time last semester and I realized that it's better not to do much in terms of making promises throughout the school year so no consistent uploads. I shouldn't have the issue of no time this semester since I know for a fact none of my classes require a 10+ page paper x2, weekly writing posts, and tons of reading, but I still don't want to make an uploading scheme cause I'm lazy. I will, however, still write since my creative and writing capacities won't be entirely used up! It's going to be sporadic though...
[ Continued ... ]

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