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Just a smut writer who writes smut, currently for free. Current icon is by  Chubbyjam

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“Rosa, maybe be a little quieter?” The hushed voice of an anxious fox was barely audible over the idle sounds of a busy movie theatre, specifically the line near the concession stand. Near the line, but not actually in it, was an orange fox dressed in a light coloured t-shirt and jeans, but he was accompanied by a more…robust companion.
Robust was a kind way of saying that Rosa was fat—though this wasn’t really unexpected, given she was a quadruped, and a goat to

Lisa couldn’t begin to fathom what had happened to get her here. In fact, she somehow couldn’t even remember. She was naked, her tanned skin being kneaded and rubbed against from all sides by tight, constricting walls that oozed with digestive acids and loudly gurgled and burbled with every contraction and movement around her. In truth, she didn’t even know who she was inside—she just knew she was definitely trapped in someone’s belly, and it was certainly not a ple

Beacon Academy—the shining star of the kingdom of Vale, and the only licensed Huntsman school in the kingdom. Any aspiring huntsman or woman would inevitably find themselves here, as the proper test to see if they were huntsman material. Of course, those who weren’t never even made it past the entrance exam.
But Lisa had. In fact, she had made it through the exam with flying colours, despite having no previous training at a known combat school. That wasn’t to say she was some

Guard duty.
Could there have been an easier job? Probably, but right now Lance couldn’t think of one. In the peaceful land of Equestria, an attack on diplomats was virtually unheard of, so the white-furred, blue-maned unicorn was hardly worried about any trouble while he was set to guard…ambassador Yuri, according to his orders. He was to meet them—her, he assumed—at the train station, where he would accompany her on the carriage ride to Canterlot palace and escort her

Canterlot might have been the height of sophistication in Equestria, but that didn’t mean its parties were interesting. In fact, one could say they were far more boring than anything that crazy pink pony could cook up in Ponyville, and far less entertaining than a bass-dropping, plot-shaking rave in the nightclubs of Manehattan.
But Canterlotian parties had their own charm to them, to those who frequented them at least. The calm, quiet drone of idle conversation and the elegant selection

The town of Maplegrove was a peaceful place. A small village of no more than a hundred residents—and even that was generous, it was a place that rarely saw much action. Crime was virtually unheard of aside from perhaps neighbourhood kids stealing a few items and immediately being made to give them back, or the occasional vagrant or traveler from out of town causing trouble in the tavern. To many, it would be the most peaceful place in the world; no worries, no fears, not even any real need

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Hello, everyone.
Been a while since I did my last batch of emergency commissions, and I have realized as of late that...well, being in quarantine helps a lot with free time and motivation. Sort of. Sometimes. And since I'm not the type of writer who can FORCE myself to write just for the sake of it, motivation is pretty key.

In addition, quarantine...also has me lacking money. Not that I really had much to begin with, but I need it for medicine and other things that aren't already taken care of.

So, long story short, I'm opening commissions. These are going to be done the same way they were in the past, on a selective basis depending on what's requested and what I feel I can do. Rates will be the same as last time--$15 USD for every 1k words, but I will...
[ Continued ... ]

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