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Just a smut writer who writes smut, currently for free. Current icon is by MulberryTartHorse https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mulberrytarthorse/

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The sound of two figures walking down the hall of the apartment complex was easy to mistake for three…or perhaps even four or more people heading towards one of the upper floors. Delicate, soft hooves clomped quietly against the carpet covering the floor, while just next to their owner a set of much heavier and bigger paws slammed down noisily and heavily, soaking the carpet in a thin layer of sweat that squelched up from the fabric surface when anyone else dared to step on it. The crass

The team had battled their way through trial after trial, enemy after enemy, and had solved many puzzles to get here. As new entries into the game, they had all joined together to complete the most difficult challenge they’d ever faced…
The tutorial level.
It was, perhaps, designed to be easy. Enemies died in very few hits, healing items were plentiful, and puzzles were fairly easy. The party of four breezed through the level with relative ease, having had plenty of experience in

Pinkie Pie’s bedroom was quiet. It was a rarity, for the ever-energetic pink pony, but a blessing for anyone who was unfortunate to live next to her. Normally she’d party late into the night…and her parties were rarely as innocent as birthdays or holidays. She celebrated herself, and her body…and very little else. Her parties were loud, rambunctious and raw, but very rarely did anyone actually see the participants leave…or enter, half the time.
As the daylight

Little Patch of Heaven.
There wasn’t much to say about the little ranch that hadn’t already been said in the name. It was a tiny patch of paradise right in the middle of the wild west, home to many different species of farm animal; chickens, pigs, one very grumpy goat…and most notably, their cows. While they only had three, they were by far the biggest creatures on the farm, and truly the word big barely even began to describe one of them.
There was Grace, the most ditzy of

The Stable was definitely the type of club where just about anyone could find something to do. A large building located on the edge of the city, it sported a bar, dance floor, and a fully functioning kitchen catering to all species – but that wasn’t its most attractive feature. It was also a fetish club at night, particularly indulging the lewd fantasies of a very small group of people who had a fetish for eating people, or being eaten themselves.
Of course, such a thing wasn&rsquo

“I’m still not super sure about this, Nicole.” The timid voice of Nicole’s red fox boyfriend squeaked as the two of them stood out on the edge of the boat, looking out at the island that they were fast approaching. They had been on the cruise for only two days, heading to “Isla Lepus”, an island specializing in catering to ‘all kinds of creatures at the highest level of comfort’ according to its pamphlets, which Nicole for some reason hadn’t

Celestia grinned as wide as a school filly with a new toy as she stretched out, the morning sun (having just risen at her command) warming up her fur while she stood there, naked, on her balcony. Just like every other day, she was shamelessly erect, her hands idly squeezing and rubbing her voluptuous breasts while she stood there and basked in the glorious rays that only a mare as beautiful as herself could create. “Mnnh…I really have to hand it to you, you really did a number on my

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Hello everyone,
I know I'm not the most vocal writer on this site, but I've decided I'm going to try taking on some commissions, both to help motivate me to write more/improve myself and to see how it'd play out with people who enjoy my content. To start out I'm only going to take a few commissions and they are going to be very selective, so don't be sad if I don't pick yours - this is brand new to me, I've never taken commissions before, so bear with me in that regard.

Realistically I plan to use this money to fund art purchases or maybe some games and things I've been hoping to buy but don't have the money for. Since I haven't done commissions before, I'm starting out at a rate of about $15 for 1k words, so a 2-3k story (which is about my average output) would be around $30-45. Prices...
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