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I'm called HarryPotterTheThird on DeviantArt, and EternalPrey on FurAffinity. However, the latter name was apparently already taken on this site, so I came up with yet another name. Sorry for any confusion this may cause!

Anywho, I'm just a prey who loves digestion (especially fatal).

I love cartoons and cats.

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Happy New Year's Eve!

So, I just wanted to say real quick: my New Year's resolution this year is to stop writing about prey under the age of 18, and to double check the ages of who I RP with. (I also might stop RPing for a little while, and just write stuff on my own.)

My reasons for this? Vore is a very sexual thing for me, so involving minors--even fictional ones--is probably not a good thing to do. And the chance that I may have unknowingly involved real minors is definitely far worse. So from now on, I'm going to be a LOT more careful about this. I'm not a pedo, and I don't want to give people any reason to think that I am.

I'm really sorry for not being more careful about this before, and I hope that you can understand the reasons for this change.

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