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Hello, visitors! I am known as Electrobolt, but you can call me Electro, Bolt, or Bolty if you want to. Either of them is fine with me ^^ Anyways, let's see... What else is there to know about me... Oh yeah! I am a video gamer, having grown up with Super Mario Brothers for the original NES ever since I was two years old. Right now, my gaming selection is kinda small, but my current consoles that I own are...

Wii U, 3DS XL, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Micro, and... Well, I suppose that's it ^^; I do play PC games, however, and I do have an iPad Air that I play on as well. Oh yeah, I also have Pokemon X and Y, too! Although right now, my Pokemon Y game is for fun and challenges, so Pokemon X is my main copy for Pokemon Battling. If you're interested in a fun Pokemon battle, feel free to drop me a PM! :3

As for vore, I'm pretty much fine with any style of vore, save for hard vore. I just... Well, something doesn't exactly sit with me when it comes to hard vore like the others do. Anyways, my favored kinds of vore have to be soft vore and unbirth. I just love the idea of snuggling up in someone's stomach or womb, as I would feel it'd be very comfy and cozy inside of those two areas! x3 I'm also alright with digestion, but highly prefer it to be with reformation. There are, however, rare moments where I would be fine with no reformation, but I haven't felt in the mood for no reformation so far.

I currently have two characters that I would be fine with using for vore, and those would be Electrobolt - the lime-green pony in my avatar - and Electro - my red fox character whom I haven't got a picture of quite yet. Yeah, real original on the names, right? ^^; Well regardless, those are my two 'sonas I have that I am comfortable with using in vore.

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Posted by ChangelingWil 6 years ago Report

Cute ponies :3


Posted by Umiriko 7 years ago Report

thanks for the watch sweetie (^. .^)

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