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A Very Special Birthday. Part 2.

Waddling a little due to her bulging stomach, Elena sniffed the air for her next meal. Inside, her belly’s occupant was still struggling like mad. Jeremy still kicked against the fleshy walls of the stomach, sobbing to be let out. Elena rubbed the wiggling bulge absentmindedly as she searched the yard for Jeremy’s friends. Soon, she zeroed in on a familiar scent of cake and saw tw

A very special Birthday. Part 1.

Elena was simply ecstatic as she approached the large white house, it had been a month since she babysat Freddy, Max and Nora. She hummed happily to herself at the memory of that fun night, although the children would not remember it after Elena wiped their memory of their little “game” after she let them out. Now she had recently gotten another babysitting gig, this time for a bi

Elena and the Three Little Pigs


It had been a week since Elena had her fun in the park. She had let Kyle out and given him a mind wipe, safely depositing him near the playground before his parents had begun to worry too much. After such a fulfilling meal Elena was once again craving a good meal and some fun. Kyle had been delicious and Elena enjoyed his kicking and sq

A day in the life for Elena.


It was a nice summer day in the park; cool breeze, the sun was out but not shining right in her eyes. All in all, it was one of those days Elena was glad to be out, and on the hunt. Looking at her, one wouldn’t think there was anything abnormal about Elena. She was certainly striking, taller than average and corvus, with long black h

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Posted by Tolun 8 months ago Report

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You're welcome! Elena is a great character.


Posted by Tempest 1 year ago Report

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Sweet. :D It was fortunate she was nearby. xD

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Posted by Tempest 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favorites. :D What did you like the best on the comic? :)

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Posted by Rimedane 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To Elenathevoremother1

Glad you agree. Awesome work.


Posted by ChaosBound 1 year ago Report

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My pleasure! I definitely am!


Posted by Wanderingspirit1333 1 year ago Report

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Good. You?


Posted by Duskthewolfcub 1 year ago Report

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i love those fairy tale themed pretend game stories and it happened to be my favorite fairy tale as well it would be a crime for me not to my kind of rp scenario as well

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