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Mia sits on top of the entrance of the cave as Sarah, Lil, and Jill tend to the crops in the field. Aurora walks out of the cave to see her, “How are they doing?”

Mia sighs, “Well, the good news is that the ashes of the fire will help grow new crops, but at current, if we don’t plant a new batch of tomatoes and whatever else we lost, I don’t know how we’ll manage past winter this year.”


unlocks her front door before walking into her home; it’s still dark, so her housemate didn’t make it home yet.

She makes it into the bathroom and begins to push Mary out of her pussy, smiling and moaning as the little rabbit’s shoulders rub against her insides. Once her head is out, it isn’t long until she simply slides out of the massive lion; she was sound asleep until her head hit the floor wit

“NO!!! STOP IT!!!”

Mary crie


as a human male pins her down laughing.

He starts to tear her clothes off, “What’s wrong

, what happened to all that confidence you just had.”

She screams as he pulls his pants down, &ldq


She awoke from her slumber, hungry and cold, but nothing had entered her cave for over a week now, so she would just deal with it the way she always did; drink water until her next meal came wandering in. She didn’t have to wait long, as she saw a few figures enter her abode from the entrance; her ledge was positioned a bit from the entrance, but was higher than

it and




lks up to the doors to the restaurant, her favorite in “


” food that was a moderate distance from her home; she came here for a blind date with someone from a unique website that doesn’t allow certain personal information on it, like species, gender, or preferences in an individual in the


walks into the barn where June and Marianna are, closing the door behind him to keep the cold out. He goes up to the pair, “Alright Marianna, it’s time to check that arm

of yours


June pouts, “Ugh, again with this.”

“We need to make sure


June sat up as she woke and stretched out her body; the hay was less comfortable than her bed, but she was getting


to it.

She turns to Marianna, who was still sleeping with her arms bound up in splints to heal up from that incident a few months ago and smiles, “You’ll be better soon.” Jason walks in and J

          Marianna woke from her


the blanketed floor gave her more comfort than the dirt of her burrow ever did. It's been a

while since she started living with the lambs' flock, and so far, other than the current residence, no one has accepted her in, but that didn't really matter to her, so long as June was with her and she wa

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