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Hi, you can call me Eli since even Erysichthon for me is hard to pronoun.

And I write long, drawn out m/m vore drivel that people somehow still favorite and watch me for (eternally grateful for those individuals <3) and probably masturbate to as well (still grateful for y'all too, since ya'know SAME XD).

Which is the short, simply sweet way of explaining what I do and write. Explaining it in my typical, rambling self would be:

All of my writing is set in a more realistic setting and has the real world consequences of vore and voring playing a part in the people/characters lives and motivations and even personalities. I mainly write in this way because it adds that realism. It fleshes out the world its set in which allows you to get immersed. When immersed, you can better have yourself in that situation and with this being a currently (perhaps it could be possible in the future, who knows. If it is? Fuck me, I wanna live that long) fantasy-based fetish, immersion at least for me, is a necessity. Plus, I think it's fun and good for creativity to think about it. There's a LOT that can be done with vore from a literary standpoint and keep it as the delightful (whether sexual or not) indulgence it is. Sure, I could write more sex-orientated vore stories (no shade thrown their way at all) as frankly I love them, for me this is all both creatively fulfilling and still how you say... 'stimulating'.

Since I hadn't found a lot of - if any (from what I've seen) m/m vore writers do this (again, throwing no shade whatsoever), I thought I'd take a swing at it. Perhaps even other vore writers who write m/f or furry/furry and etc haven't, but I feel that'd be untrue. I'm no special, original snowflake. There's better writers out there than me and people who have better ideas and have put them on paper (or I guess Google Docs lmao). But others enjoy/want it and I'm glad I'm not the only one who's wanted this kinda stuff. Moreover, I'm VERY glad that people are happy with my content and what I'm producing, honestly? It does mean a lot, at least - for someone who's always uncertain in the quality of their product.

Being completely unoriginal: I, too - have a "Voreverse", following a growing roster of characters with there being... I believe 7 or 8 put out thus far and the list will likely keep diversifying steadily with their backgrounds, personalities and all of that juicy character stuff. They'll likely have arcs or something akin to it - or I could always do a GOT and kill someone off halfway through their fruitful ambition coming to fruition. If there is ONE thing I can promise about my writing...
I won't have a shitty conclusion/meltdown of logic like GOT season 7-8 apparently did. Never watched it myself but it was fun viewing the dumpster fire from beneath my rock.

That all said and done, thanks for visiting my lil 'ole, strange corner of the Interweb, and hope you enjoy and heck, stick around. I ain't permenantly going anyway anytime soon <D

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Frat Boy Party Bonanza


To the utter disdain of every individual on Oakwood Avenue; Mr and Mrs Williams had gone on another one of their work-related escapades and apparently from the blaring roar who originated from the end of the quaint and quiet cul de sac that shook each house to its foundation. Her youngest and most obnoxious child, Zain

28th December, 2019, Saturday


Dear diary,

Today has certainly been ‘interesting’ you could say, I guess. Honestly forgot I had this diary, at least with how chaotic things have been in the apartment of late since… Eric errmmm… Eric left Ben. A few days after my very…

When I was first called up to deal with a string of recent disappearances in Ekarora, I hadn’t thought it’d lead me to one of the biggest fishes I’ll ever catch in my career.

Calvin Kirkland, the one and only. CEO of Pred&Prey International. Billionaire.

Never thought I’d take down a man as powerful as him, surprised I did frankly. Man has a fortune by his side, could’ve had me taken out. Hell, he could’ve

You ain’t gonna know who I am. And that’s a given. So… call me Percy. Yeah. Detective Percy.

I’m - as I said, a detective. Y’know, uncover your usual cases, no Scooby Doo or Detector Gadget shit. Nor am I some Sherlock Holmes who can solve a crime by sniffing the faint fumes of a 6 year old cigarette bud that’d been thrown in the ocean. If anything? I’m more like Tin Tin, but without the baby face or dog. Plus, I don’t thi

Hand forcibly pressed against the taunt flesh of the voracious his captors throat, Martin could feel the writhing outline of Wayne behind the tight skin. If he was saying anything, from through the skin and muscle, Martin couldn't hear. All that filled his ears was the loud, unnerving slurps that came from the boy as he lapped over Wayne - his long, broad tongue peeping out from between his maw to wrap around what little was exposed of Wayne's neck and slither back into the cavernous maw to lick

"Every man is a divinity in disguise, a God playing the fool" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

“This world of ours houses two types of people… those who take. And those who are taken. The conquerors who raise armies so vast all nations tremble at its name. And the conquered, who slave away beneath the kings that laugh amongst themselves and toast with gold chalices. Ourselves even - humanity, who are left to the whimsical del

Dear Diary,

21th February 2018

I never used a diary until now, my aunt got me this one when I was 12 and - of course, being a twelve year old… diaries aren't exactly something you actively wish for. My memory despite my age is awful you see and I forget things easily. But well… my friend gave me a little 'gift' a few days ago on my 21st birthday and I need go write


Err… I'm not sure how you start off these Forum post things… but my names Eric, if that's any help. I'll leave it at Eric for now as I'm not sure what types of people lurk about here. I only found this through extensive Googling, you see. I've only been searching vore stuff of late because I'm pretty sure… my boyfriends a… well… a… what you call "Pred". And I have no clue what to do about it.

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Good morrow to whomever may be reading this whenever and - wherever. I hope the day treats you well and still remains fruitful and young.

I wrote up about 3 paragraphs explaining a stuff. Where I've been, why I haven't been as active and etc. I do, in all honesty need to work on being more concise. So I'll make the attempt here:

Please do pardon my disappearance, it'll likely be for a good while longer, I'm afraid. Honestly? Maybe a year or two. Lot of reasons really, if you're wondering. Moneys tight, still don't have a secure job, depression/rapidly deteriorating mental health - all nitty gritty things neither you or I are here on a fetish site for. I'm going to see when I have the free time to get into writing again, but realistically I need to focus on...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by VB88 1 year ago Report

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No problem, I just adore your stories so much!

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Posted by frogcubus 1 year ago Report

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What can I say, I like what I’ve seen. Excellent work.


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No problem


Posted by TheDarkOne1001 1 year ago Report

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Don't worry about not replying fast enough! Oof, I can understand the cramps from writing too much, but that only means this next entry is gonna be long enough to compensate for the wait, I might be dyslexic, but I'll try to read it in one setting lmao. I'm glad it's made your day, cause your stories make mine! :)


Posted by TheDarkOne1001 1 year ago Report

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Of course! Your stories are fantastic, I can't wait for your next one. ❤


Posted by anyonarex 1 year ago Report

good stuff here man :p i like it.


Posted by SaoYuuki 1 year ago Report

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woopwoop >:3

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Posted by mark1701 1 year ago Report

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I'm very glad to hear that! Your story was really good too!!


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Your welcome~!

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Thanks very much for the faves! Much appreciated!


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No problem

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