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Rito sometimes wondered how it had come this far. From Lala’s first suggestion of marrying both her and Haruna, to Momo’s determination to craft him a harem, to whatever in the world this was supposed to be… it had developed to such an extent and in such a direction that, at times like this, he could only sit back and marvel in silent incredulity.
Twelve girls were seated around a long, low table, six on either side. They were brightly smiling, dazzlingly groomed, dressed in t

The Yuuki household was quiet. Not even a mouse was stirring. Rito was alone in his bed, soundly slumbering in his room. Yami had shooed away everyone who was trying to get into bed with Rito (primarily Momo and Mea, but also Rin, Mikan, and Lala—even Nana to a lesser extent), so he was all alone in his room. Yami had kept a vigilant watch for most of the night, but it was 3:00 AM, and by now even she was fast asleep. Mea had similarly dozed off.
Nemesis had to smile to herself.
How cute

It sometimes bothered Rito just the tiniest bit that this had become normal—now and then, it occurred to him just how ridiculous it was that he had gotten used to things being like this.
This morning was one of those times.
He woke up to see Haruna’s peacefully sleeping face before him. Her eyes were closed, her expression beautifully tranquil, lips resting in a Mona Lisa smile. The covers were askew, one slender arm lying draped over the blanket, which had gotten pulled down at so

It was at times like this that Rito remembered that Momo’s dad was the most powerful man in the galaxy—that she and her sisters were far, FAR more than merely royalty. They were to other princesses what emperors were to city governors and tribal chiefs. To call them rich and powerful would be an understatement on par with calling the universe “kind of big, I guess.” This was what Momo considered a date. This was what she considered a quiet night out for just the two of th

“…Thus, as representative of the asari, I propose this new law to establish a settled order with this new species,” said the asari councilor, winding down her speech. Her manner was haughty, and her tone imperious. “Humans demonstrate a respectable fecundity, and I believe they can be readily enough transitioned into this role once we have pressured them into disarming. I deem it best to make them a livestock species. I am sure that within my lifetime, they can be made i

“Okay, Yukari-sensei, we’re ready!”
Yukari, who was currently substituting for the Home Economics teacher, looked up from the project she had just been assessing. The Home Ec class was doing their final project for the year—for most of the students, this was seen as an easy A, even with Yukari teaching, but there was one duo for whom this would be make-or-break.
Tomo and Kagura were standing up in back, and between them stood a befuddled-looking Chiyo. The tomboy was beam

“You look like you’ve been having fun, Nana,” said Mea brightly, smiling at the pettanko middle princess of Deviluke. “So does Yami-oneechan, from what I’ve seen of her…”
She and Nana were sitting outside for lunch, eating their bento under a tree. Nana had a homemade meal with a meat she refused to identify, while Mea had a lunch she’d bought in the school cafeteria. Mea was smiling slyly at her friend, watched her nibble a bit of the meat. Nana

“If it moves, it’s food.”
That was the motto of her secret society. It was a popular saying, of course, but she and her friends took it to a whole other level. They were culinary connoisseurs, and they had an interest in rare and… illicit kinds of meat. Specifically, in one very particular kind of meat.
Mei was smiling as she walked onto the grounds of a New Zealand girl’s school. She saw many lovely young ladies laughing as they engaged in physical education. A nu

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Yay, my old stuff is back from the shadow realm. Cautiously hopeful, I make the bare minimum emendations.

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