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If Akko was to give her opinion on the food at Luna Nova, she would have to say that it was very decent. Especially after everything she had gone through in the process of getting here, it was wonderful to sit down to a nice, hot meal. It could have been better—although she couldn’t put her finger on what exactly was lacking—but she was grateful just to fill her belly.
Well… to give herself something to digest, at least. Calling the food “filling” would be t

It was noon—time for Home Economics class at Dolcett High. Today, as on every other school day at this time, Yvonne filed into the classroom alongside her friends, Amy and Christine. They were all attractive young women, each fairly popular in her own right. They were the darlings of the school, and there were very few boys who didn’t want them or girls who didn’t want to be them.
But none of that mattered inside the Home Ec classroom. Once they stepped through that door, they

Liara T’Soni wore a small smile as she finished signing the paperwork. The payment had already been wired into the company’s account, and now the transaction was official. She gave the salesman a polite nod, then looked toward the merchandise.
The human male whom Liara had just purchased was smiling serenely as the store’s collar was unfastened from around his neck. The device was there to ensure that nobody would try to take a bite of the meat before it had been paid for, and

“This is your fault! You shouldn’t have opened your big mouth, you stupid jerk!”
“How the hell is it my fault? You’re the one who used Explosion right outside of town!”
Megumin glared daggers at Kazuma while she struggled in vain against the hands of the men who were tearing off her clothes, held down and undressed in the back of a seedy tavern. A slender form was exposed, her body still petite even after years of development since her and Kazuma’s first

It had been a wonderful date so far. Marnie didn’t want to admit it, because she still had a few reservations, and she was hesitant to concede that she did indeed swing this way. But it had been very nice so far. And, to be fair, it wasn’t like she hadn’t ever experimented before. Just that there was making out with your friend on a dare, and then there was going on a full-fledged romantic date. Had it just been a quick fling out back, Marnie would have thought little of it. A

Whether or not attention was pleasant depended very much on context. It was a question of the kind of attention, and the kind of person giving it, and how accustomed or fed up with that kind of attention from that kind of person the recipient was. The absence of attention once dislike could become upsetting, and the kind of attention that one person might find disagreeable could be highly affirming to another who lacked such attention. The nuances of what was and was not welcome could be very su

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No more need to advertise my availability, rn. As of tonight, I am taken.

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Siegryu ROAR!!!!!!


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Oh for fuck’s sake. Really hope I don’t have to reupload all those when the site finds a new host.


Posted by Evilservant1094 2 years ago Report

Please tell me you’re the same EvilFuzzy9 from FanFiction.net. The one who wrote icha icha world? I’m not going through puberty again? Everyday lunch for a monster girl?!


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ooh, nice to see ya start posting over here, Fuzz!


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Glad to see your works over here. Loved your Konosuba stories.

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Now how the fuck do I post stories on here?

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