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Lucas had been looking forward to the main attraction of the barbecue that his best friend Steven’s folks were holding. He’d heard about the arrangements for the meatgirl yakitori from Steven, and he’d been hyping him up on the idea for the past two weeks. Lucas had always been very into dolcett, and he felt like he never got enough opportunities to explore it, so it had been very easy for Steven to hype him up.
Yes, Lucas had been looking forward to the barbecue. He wasn&rsquo

“You pig. You useless pervert… I can’t believe you’re making me do this!”
“Nhaaah…❤ Yes, abuse me more, Ryobi~”
Ryona writhed at her sister’s harsh words, ample bosoms heaving, a pretty face vapid from gladness. Wide hips swayed from side to side, the buxom, buck naked blonde shaking her ass as she watched the petite brunette work before her. Ryona drooled from her lower mouth, slobbering lustily as her sister’s verbal scourging, pa

“Ah… yes, snuff me, Boruto❤” Sarada’s moan broke the semi-silence of grunting breaths and slapping skin. Heart-patterned sharingan wheeled in a rosy face, girlish features warped by a lustful euphoria as the brunette twisted and writhed beneath her boyfriend. “Rape me and kill me and eat me❤”
“Boruto… Boruto… Boruto…!❤” Sakura panted, her ass cheeks clapping and her modest breasts swaying. She rocked back and forth, red-

“W-Wait… Rito, this is a little…”
A florid blush painted Mikan’s cheeks, and her usually bold and playful eyes were shyly averted. Fear, or something like it, seemed to lurk in her squirming hips, and the heave of her chest in weighty breaths showed the faintest contours of her ribs in her sides while anxiously peaking nipples crowned the barest buds of a just pubescent bosom. Lean yet tender, fresh yet familiar, Mikan lay beneath her big brother, shivering at the

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No more need to advertise my availability, rn. As of tonight, I am taken.

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Posted by Granddragalia 3 months ago Report

Siegryu ROAR!!!!!!


Posted by EvilFuzzy9 1 year ago Report

Oh for fuck’s sake. Really hope I don’t have to reupload all those when the site finds a new host.


Posted by Evilservant1094 1 year ago Report

Please tell me you’re the same EvilFuzzy9 from FanFiction.net. The one who wrote icha icha world? I’m not going through puberty again? Everyday lunch for a monster girl?!


Posted by Ento 2 years ago Report

ooh, nice to see ya start posting over here, Fuzz!


Posted by Teruyo 2 years ago Report

Glad to see your works over here. Loved your Konosuba stories.

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Posted by EvilFuzzy9 2 years ago Report

Now how the fuck do I post stories on here?

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