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“A… meatgirl, you say?” The dealer gave his contact a quizzical look, searching the man’s eyes for any sign of deception. “Is this legit? You aren’t trying to drag me into a sting, are you?”
“They’re clones,” the contact said, waving a hand as if to sweep this query aside. “Mass produced in some factory. Not like they’re exactly trafficking kidnapped girls, yeah?”
The dealer stroked his chin.
“Does that make it

It was a simple offer. A straightforward deal.
“I’ll hook you up with Zastin, if you want,” Momo said sweetly to Saki Tenjouin, clasping her hands. She looked at the blonde ojousama’s two ever-present companions. “But, of course, I’d want something in return…❤”
Rito felt very awkward, standing there with Momo and Lala. He’d had some suspicions that Momo was plotting something of this sort when she hauled him out of the house earlier, and

Water was seething in the tub, heated to boiling by large burners below. The bottom of the tub was faintly charring from the heat, and the steam was rising like smoke from a chimney. The water’s surface popped with occasional bubbles, and the heat of the boiling water seemed to fill the whole room.
Their bodies were naked, and the two of them were entangled. Miranda moaned huskily, her mouth sealed to the doctor’s, their lips pressing wetly together. She held the back of the doctor&

Momo and Rito were off doing who or what-knew-what. Momo had said something about an offer that couldn’t be refused before dragging Rito off somewhere, and they didn’t know what those two were up to. Lala had gone off with her youngest sister, mentioning something about wanting to see Saki—an apparent non-sequitur, but maybe it was relevant to something. Still, despite the absence of those three, the Yuuki household wasn’t empty.
It certainly didn’t feel empty, at

She gasped in an ecstasy of slow, creeping pain, staring blissfully into the darkness. She breathed in the smoke that rose from below her, half-lidded eyes watering and a cutely gaping mouth filled with the taste of hickory and oak. She felt the drip, drip, dripping of the juices from her body, a patient process working upon her flesh. There was heat, but this was minor compared to the kinds of heat to which she was accustomed; it was not naked a fire that cooked her, but the smoke.
Ayumu Nishi

Cheryl still couldn’t quite believe the situation she was in as she rubbed down her body, blushing redly while she wiped her breasts with the wet cloth. She shifted uncomfortably, feeling her ass raw and tender from the deep enema she had given herself, and she shivered at the touch of the cold water on her naked skin.
She felt her friends’ eyes upon her. They were watching patiently as she washed her body, preparing herself to be prepared.
What on earth was she doing?
Cheryl blush

Yui had noticed something different about Rito lately. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but when she walked past him in the hall or saw him sitting down in class, she got a strange sense that something was off. There was something very subtly altered in his manner, something new about his demeanor that gave her a moment’s pause whenever she laid eyes on him. What was it that had changed?
She couldn’t place it. It was like there was just something more adult about him. T

Miranda sat once more in the examination room, getting poked and prodded by the puzzled, muttering doctors. She wore her gown loosely, staring up into the bright lights with a mildly wistful expression. Her cheeks were still a little flush, and she still faintly smelled of her most recent orgasm, the scent of her sex overpowering the fainter smells of antiseptic and medigel.
“It isn’t the cloning process. We’ve confirmed that much,” said the head doctor, flicking through

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Yay, my old stuff is back from the shadow realm. Cautiously hopeful, I make the bare minimum emendations.

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