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Akane supposed that a very small part of her regretted going this far with the whole charade. She could have swallowed her pride and stopped it at any point prior to this. She’d had plenty of warning, and plenty of time to think about it. It wasn’t like the guy had exactly been subtle about his more dubious intentions…
But every twinge of fear and every thought of misgivings had been met with a mental image of Ranma’s smug expression. She could perfectly envision him smi

“M-Megumin! This time, I swear I’ll beat you!”
This was a familiar refrain, something Kazuma had heard many times since the party’s arrival in the Crimson Demon village. No… from even before that, he had become acquainted with hearing this recited every now and then, the first line in an almost ritualized exchange between the two young, cute archwizards.
‘Oho? You think you stand a chance against this Megumin, prodigy of the Crimson Demon clan and wielder of

Her tab was overdue, and the treasure she’d hoped to find on her latest adventure turned out to be a fat load of nothing. She was broke, and she couldn’t pay back what she owed. A part of her had feared (with a faintest undertone of vain self-flattery) that the proprietors of the inn would force her to turn tricks in the alley until she had enough to repay them. A more realistic part of her had dreaded the prospect of being compelled to wash dishes or wait on guests until she had mad

“Hm-hm-hm~ Lu li la lo, pi po pa po… Tra-ta, tra-ta, na-na-na~ Lu li la lo, pi po pa po… Tra-ta, tra-ta, la la laaa~❤”
Momo crooned a cheerful alien melody to herself, beaming and wiggling her hips as she rinsed off the meat. Her naked body pressed against the side of the slender, blushing Yami, who appeared to be of two minds about this treatment as she was lathered up by a bar of soap nestled between Momo’s breasts and her flank, who shivered and struggled in

The man towered over them, an adult, but also far more than an adult. He could have been called handsome, strongly built and in his prime, maybe in his twenties if he aged like normal people. But he was not a normal person. He was like a giant, and they stood no taller than his shins. TK didn’t know if this was because the man was something other than human or because they had somehow been shrunk. He didn’t have the presence of mind to reason it out. He couldn’t think. He was j

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EvilFuzzy9's Blog - Restored Posted 9 months ago

Yay, my old stuff is back from the shadow realm. Cautiously hopeful, I make the bare minimum emendations.

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Posted by Granddragalia 1 month ago Report

Siegryu ROAR!!!!!!


Posted by EvilFuzzy9 1 year ago Report

Oh for fuck’s sake. Really hope I don’t have to reupload all those when the site finds a new host.


Posted by Evilservant1094 1 year ago Report

Please tell me you’re the same EvilFuzzy9 from FanFiction.net. The one who wrote icha icha world? I’m not going through puberty again? Everyday lunch for a monster girl?!


Posted by Ento 1 year ago Report

ooh, nice to see ya start posting over here, Fuzz!


Posted by Teruyo 1 year ago Report

Glad to see your works over here. Loved your Konosuba stories.

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Posted by EvilFuzzy9 1 year ago Report

Now how the fuck do I post stories on here?

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