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Hi there! If you're reading this, you've probably noticed I have no work up. That is because I am not an artist, and I also haven't written anything, due to both laziness and shyness.

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Fabhar's Blog - Eh. Posted 5 years ago


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Posted by NanoDarkk 3 years ago Report

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Posted by Vorishsuicune 3 years ago Report

Thanks for watching me c:


Posted by Scaylid00d 8 years ago Report

Thanks for watching me! :D Hope you like what's to come ^w^


Posted by Vitric 8 years ago Report

I know it's pretty late for this but since I'm coming around more often now I figured I'd let you know that I have a new story up in my thread. I've actually had it for a while now but nobody has commented, makes me feel kinda down lol.


Posted by Indighost 8 years ago Report

Oh, well then please, take your time! :)


Posted by Indighost 8 years ago Report

Thanks for the favorite, sir! I'm very flattered that you took the time to read some of my excessively long writing.


Posted by Vitric 9 years ago Report

I just noticed your comment, thank you! I will try and write more in the future, but I can't promise anything as of now. I'm going through that getting my life in order phase and I'm pretty busy. I do brainstorm a lot for new stories and I pretty much have one finished in my mind, I just gotta find the time to write it all out and post it up.


Posted by ndnode 9 years ago Report

thanks for watching!


Posted by Crownflame 9 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! It's muchly appreciated!


Posted by Karen 9 years ago Report

..ish a stalkin kitteh..nyaaah~


Posted by Carnoustie 9 years ago Report

Thanks, watch, etc.


Posted by Metalforever 9 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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