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Do you enjoy my stories? Consider tipping me a bit of BTC! 18GNh7of4C2Ddpnzu3gSCDDA8uSigBqkDt

The name's Foxgut, and I write vore. Be warned that the vore I write is typically less than clean. The most common themes you'll see are macro/micro and dirty full tour, though I'm trying to branch out into other scenarios.

I love getting comments! Whether you want to offer a bit of constructive criticism, some encouragement, or just leave a "creepy" comment about how you'd like to be eaten by whatever predator I've written about next, please don't be shy about saying something. I love seeing how people react to my writing.

I'm generally open to chatting and/or roleplaying. For now I'm only on Tox. You can download and install it from (no signup required, it automatically generates an ID for you on first run) and then add my ID: 7AD0B327081EFA0E1AC5FDE4003BA33E9FA87B31B60F77E6BFEB523082CF351131BD29D118DA . Alternatively we can meet up in Eka's Chat.

Will write smut for Bitcoin, and also for trade. I'm never open to committing to requests, but I don't mind hearing out your ideas for stories.

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Do you enjoy my vore stories, but also want to know what meaningless stuff I'm up to in my day to day life?


Well that's too bad! I'm on Mastodan, a sort of decentralized Twitter-like network, where thousands of nodes called instances can interact with each other.. Come check it out and give me a follow if you want - I'm @Foxgut on the instance. It's a tiny instance, but it's also macro/micro and vore friendly.

Just to sweeten the deal, I'll write you a microfic (no more than six or so paragraphs of you swallowing or being swallowed by someone) if you follow and say hello to me on there.

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Posted by Straxacore 9 months ago

Thanks for the watch ^_^


Posted by Borealis 9 months ago

Ooh, thanks for the faves/watch! I approve of the username too :3


Posted by LightningJolt 11 months ago

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And with good reason!

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Posted by JunoTheFox6 1 year ago

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Your welcome.


Posted by leviathin 1 year ago

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Most welcome ^^


Posted by MirceaKitsune 1 year ago

<< Reply To Foxgut problem, and glad that you did ^^

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Posted by Halcyon 1 year ago

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Heheh you're so kind ^-^ I hope you continue to enjoy them!


Posted by Halcyon 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch, and welcome to the Portal! ^^

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