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Welcome one and all to the unfortunate culmination of... like 6 ish years? of too much internet. Here I will be posting all of the sludge/refuse/solid gold that oozes regularly from the sponge between my ears.

I am excited to engage in the community after spending far too long lurking in the shadows like Gollum (raw fish, goblin meat and all), so please send me a message if you want to chat, or if you just want to yell at me over my shaky (at best) grasp of English grammar. I am always excited to meet new people and make new friends.

If, however, you happen to crave connection while also being cripplingly shy, just like yours truly. Then know that I can feel your psychic waves of support and wish you much happiness (though you should message, I don't bite unless your favorite color happens to be Falu Red, but then again, if that is your favorite color, you will know it is a bite of love)

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Tags: Nonbinary Predator, ?/m, semi-willing prey, unwilling prey, cock vore, oral vore, fatal, loving, sex, anal sex, femboy prey. Lots of cum,

Mari let out a mixture of a squeal and a moan as his partner’s cock slid along his prostate, the thick rod of flesh stimulating every nerve as the two lovers moaned in unison.

“God honey-bee, your ass is so tight.” groaned his lover almost directly into his ear,

Preston sneered as he brought his foot down on the tiny body at his feet, the tiny man having time for a single squeal of terror before his puny frame crumpled like so much tissue paper, his blood and viscera creating a tiny speck of gore on the underside of Preston’s shoe as we strolled along on his morning walk.

Though it was true that Preston had, and would continue to kill dozens of tiny people, he did not do so out of cruelty, they simply had the

This story goes out to my good buddy, who is an actual satanist, and even she thinks my stuff is messed up. Cheers!

Music credits: Sovngarde Song: Gavin Dune/Miracle of Sound

Hard Cash 2015: Also Miracle

James used the back of his taped glove to wipe the sweat from his brow. His chest rose and fell evenly as he allowed his body to cool down, the ropes behind him kept him on his feet.

Song Credits:

“Black Widow” Iggy Azalea

Micahel’s head snapped up from his phone as all eyes in the class fell on him. At the front of the room. But it was too late, his teacher Miss Jane was glaring down her muzzle at him.

“Mr. Shepard, did you hear what I asked?” Michael’s standard defiance wavered under her angry dark eyes. He dropped his eyes to his desk.

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