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Welcome to my profile, my name's Fyren. I'm male, (he/him, they/them), and asexual & demiromantic, with a hetero lean
I'm also an amateur artist, that doesn't really aspire to improve, but messes about and manages it regardless. Sometimes, I even make (Usually weird) things I feel like showing people!

My art is usually vore themed, and may contain any of the following themes:
Fatal vore
Perma vore
OV, CV, UB, breast vore
Object vore of any kind
Pets/animals/non-sentient prey, in nsfw vorish situations as well
Feral preds/prey

My art usually contains characters belonging to my lovely Discord friends, and is either done and posted with explicit or implied permission (If implied, I've sent it to them, and they've really liked it). Everything vorish I draw is fatal, unless otherwise stated

I have no interest in commissions, art trades, collabs, etc. I draw only on my whims, and for the people I like

Profile pic by my friend pingthehungryfox

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Posted by Zahnrad 5 months ago Report

God, CV Object vore using someone elses possessions is heavily underrated.

I hope to see more of your Shaymin OC in the future.
(Sorry for deleted post, I wasn't aware how g4's comment system worked, didn't realise I couldn't edit.)


Posted by egg67 6 months ago Report

love your stuff bro. I got a special kink for like eating pets >.> I'm excited to see more of your stuff!


Posted by LastRider100 6 months ago Report

Welcome to the site! Looks like you're off to a cracking start. (You've repeated the first line in your profile description), but other than that, lookin' good! Have fun!

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