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This seems like a good excuse to ramble about monster movies, so I'll go ahead and provide an answer key for and

Warning: This is gonna be image-heavy!

Assblaster(Tremors 3, 5 and 6)

Locals of a small Nevada town must band together as they're menaced by repeated infestations of ancient, metamorphic, burrowing monsters who learn and adapt as quickly as the humans who battle them! Also one of my favorite movie franchises.
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Posted by acualsims 2 weeks ago

Thanks for the fave


Posted by Twinkle 1 month ago

Thanks a lot for the fav! :D


Posted by ArrowversePreds 2 months ago

Thanks a lot for the favorite! Glad you liked the pixel art!


Posted by acualsims 3 months ago

Thanks for the favorite.


Posted by WankersCramp 3 months ago

You have some really great stuff!


Posted by TruciiGram 4 months ago

Thank you so much for favoriting my image. You're one of my favorites, so I feel honored!

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Posted by Bellyl0ver 4 months ago

<< Reply To GREGOLE

Thanks for the help. I was curious since in the book Godzilla 2000 Varan is mentioned eating people but I’ve only recent watched the Varan movie and hadn’t noticed him doing any such thing. Also, is nice to know someone else as an appreciation for classic and obscure kaiju around these parts.

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Posted by Bellyl0ver 4 months ago

From one kaiju fan to another, can you name any Showa Toho Kaiju that have been confirmed to have eaten humans, I’m only aware of Rodan, Baragon, and Ebirah doing so off screen.

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Posted by Goblingobler 4 months ago

You're my hero <3 <3


Posted by TurnipUpp 4 months ago

Love your art. It's all really cute!


Posted by Bellyl0ver 4 months ago

<< Reply To GREGOLE

Well, horses, or horse like creatures, are what’s usually drawn, but maybe you should get creative with it. How about something reptilian, like a Gator or a Komodo Dragon. I don’t think I’ve seen a centaur like that before.

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Posted by Bellyl0ver 4 months ago

<< Reply To GREGOLE

Which one do you have in mind?

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