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Hi, I'm Gat.

I make 3d vore and furry art, vore mods for games, and vore games.

You might be familiar with some of my work if you played Fallout 4 or Skyrim with their Vore mods.
Both mods were/are a community effort on Eka's Portal.
For Skyrim Devourment I made a belly set and for Fallout Vore I did all the artwork and a good chunk of the code.
Development of Fallout Vore continues in the form of Voremersion and is now in the more then capable hands of Carreau and this community.


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It is the end of January.
My original plan was to have presented two new characters and a vore VR experience by this time. I assumed I would not have any clients from December till February.
Then halfway December I was approached by an organization who represents multiple medical institutes. They have started a large project to create a new way to explain procedures, symptoms, etc, to patients. For this they need me to make multiple VR experiences centered around the human body and it's functionality.

This is an amazing chance for me. This organization is a very big fish in the pond, and through them I now have my foot in the door in the medical world. My little one-man company might become the go-to for medical related art and therapeutic VR.
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Posted by kongpow 4 months ago Report

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Posted by Dudeox05 7 months ago Report

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I wish you the best on your job! Looking forward to when you get time to work on your game some more. :)


Posted by starhotbar 7 months ago Report

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Posted by PervyLesbian02 8 months ago Report

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Thanks! :3

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Posted by DrakaNoms 9 months ago Report

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My pleasure, good stuff ^^

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Posted by lyingunderfire 9 months ago Report

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And thank you so much for the art!

[We cannot believe that we haven't watched you before being one of the creators of Fallout Vore! Must have forgot... Sorry.]


Posted by silverspec 9 months ago Report

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happy new years!

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Posted by ifdre 9 months ago Report

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Happy new year to you, too! And thank you so much!


Posted by Rando 9 months ago Report

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Of course! Love your stuff, and happy to work with you on the mod!!!


Posted by joe26 10 months ago Report

No problem, love your stuff!


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 10 months ago Report

Of course, lovely 3D stuff here~

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