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Hi! I’m GreyJ

I am a writer who takes commissions. Only 8 USD per 1000 words.

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Matt grinned as he checked the time on his phone. It was 3:53PM, which meant that Amanda should be arriving at his front door in about seven minutes. He leaned back in his chair, kicking his feet up onto the table as a sense of joy washed over him. Amanda’s impending arrival caused shivers of pleasure to run through his body. Matt could barely sit still with the excitement, he quickly got up and started to walk around his room, trying to disperse some of the restless energy that had built

The sunlight slowly filtered into the room as the sun rose, basking everything in the room and a young sleeping girl in a warm yellow light. She was around the age of sixteen, has golden blonde hair that trailed all the way down her back and natural scarlet red frosted lips. Her physique was also something that every woman would kill to have: thick thighs, waist, ass and H-Cup chests. The sunlight only served to accentuate her sexy and exotic body. However, the one thing that stood out from the

Matt tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for the bus to reach its stop. It’s been a week since Anna and Alice took a trip into his teacher and the weekend has finally come, meaning he was gonna go to the movies with his friends as promised. However, he's gonna be late if the bus doesn't pick up its pace. After about another two minutes of gripping the handrail tenaciously and cursing himself for not departing earlier, the bus reached its stop and Matt was off the bus before the doors


Callum was your typical, 14-year-old kid. He was athletic, a bit of a geek, popular with the boys at school and, oh yes of course, he fantasized about eating people whole. It was a new fetish, one that’d sprung forth in his pubescent mind after a few too many hours of unsupervised internet time. This was about all he could think about as he mindlessly picked at his dinner, peas and chopped pork sloshing about on the plate. His paren

Matt opened the door to his house slowly and stepped in, closing it as silently as possible behind him. He could hear his parents in the kitchen and tried to sneak up the stairs to his room without being noticed. He was halfway up the stairs when he heard his dad’s voice behind him.

“Hey, you are back already. That’s early. How was school today?”

Matt nearly slipped on the stairs as he turned quic

Matt groaned as he trudged along for his last class of the day. He was accompanied by three other people who were sharing the same attitude. There were: his girlfriend, Amy, his twin sisters, Alice and Anna, and his life long best friend, Jacob.

Recently, unbirth has become the hottest topic in the country. Stories of people disappearing up vaginas were everywhere in the news. In the light of these events, schools across the nation have added a new subject i

Mallory the giraffe anthro sighed as she walked up the stairs to the front entrance of her school for another typical school day. She stepped into the hallway which was teeming with mainly humans, but there was the occasional anthro here and there. The humans vastly outnumbered the anthros since they were just prey to the humans. Most of the anthros don’t last very long in the school and barely any of them ever made it to graduation. Mallory was one of the lucky ones to make it to their se

Sarah grunted in frustration as she frantically ran around the kitchen trying to gather up snacks for the movie party that is about to start. “Stupid Emma, always eating all my snacks whenever she comes over,” Sarah said to herself as she grabbed bags of chips and carried them over to the living room. Her movements were impeded by her distended belly as she and her husband, Jim, were expecting twins. She was in her final month of pregnancy and was experiencing all sorts of uncomforta

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Posted by WillingWombPrey 3 weeks ago Report

What's going on with chapter 4 of the Science of Unbirth? Your commission status says its there, but it seems like it's taken a lot longer to write then the others.


Posted by Deviantfan16 1 month ago Report

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You’re welcome. Which one was it?


Posted by Pkmnguy6262 1 month ago Report

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np, Always a big fan of pkmn stuff and ub isnt as widely seen as stories imo, for pkmn at least from waht ive seen. plus pregnant Prey is also very rare so, you deserve it. Looking Forward what you release next^^ and if you Need suggestions or ideas or anything you can also Always hmu and i happily help out. Keep up the nice work<3


Posted by Ediblestranger 2 months ago Report

Thank you for the favorite.


Posted by Ryujin 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the favorite! It's greatly appreciated!


Posted by ClickBait 2 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :)


Posted by Halcyon 2 months ago Report

Thanks much for the watch~!


Posted by Skittles209 2 months ago Report

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Posted by dethkruzer 3 months ago Report

Hiya. I was wanting to ask what kind of age range would you he comfortable writing stories about?


Posted by Bobgodofallbobs 3 months ago Report

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Posted by Bobgodofallbobs 3 months ago Report

So just want know how go part 3 ?


Posted by Bobgodofallbobs 3 months ago Report


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