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Fighting Frenzy: Palutena's Pokémon Party.
Grinning Cheshire)
Palutena thought, you've just got to sit back, relax, and take out
your pent-up aggression on adorable little animals.
this practice would not make her very popular with Viridi, but what
happens in Smash Bros. stays in Smash Bros.
ask Samus and Mega Man!
Peach and... Literally everyone else. That sort of thing made you
really feel bad for Mario.
back on topic.
had just been t

Fighting Frenzy: Bowser’s Princess Triple Combo!
Grinning Cheshire)
technically wasn’t a three-on-one, but that’s what it turned into
right from the start. No one was surprised: you had Princess Peach,
Princess Zelda, and Princess Lucina on one side; and on the other,
you had Bowser.
coliseum roared with noise in tandem with the giant Koopa’s battle
cry. He knew just as well as everyone else that he was going to get
ganged-up on. After all, the whole point of this fig

Vore Recipes:
Pages 36 and 42.Hey
there everyone! It's a pleasure to meet you all! I just wanted to
write a quick little note to thank you for picking up my new
cook-book. I hope you'll find the recipes contained within pleasing
to your taste buds and filling for your tummies! I've spent a lot of
time experimenting on many a tasty girl (and occasionally boy) to
perfect my craft, so you have my personal assurance that every dish
detailed within these pages has been fine-tuned to take advantage of

Everyday Life: On the Bus
Grinning Cheshire)
bus was ten minutes later than usual...Harris let out a bored
sigh, giving his enlarged nut-sack an experimental squeeze. As he had
suspected, the adorable Lamia girl he had sat down beside on the
bench was nothing but a massive load waiting to shot out now, and
until the bus arrived, he had no one to deposit this fresh batch
into. After all, the boar hated to waste good cum.So the
brown-furred swine kept himself entertained by strok

Ode to Vrouge:
‘Poem’ By Grinning Cheshire
I downloaded Vrouge
the other day, expecting little more than shit.
game looks so old,” I thought, “I could probably carbon date it!”
hey, it’s an RPG! Who knows? It might be fun.”
I bravely clicked ‘New Game,’ not knowing what I’d done.
Floors? Hah! This game will be breeze!
faced challenges much worse than this, I’ll conquer it with ease!”
I charged into the labyrinth, with an awful lot o

Hello all you wonderful perverts out there!
of right now, I’m taking requests!
before you get your hopes up, I am no artist.
I am is a cat with too much free time now that its semester has ended
who just happens to be suffering from writer’s block.
here’s my solution! From the time this goes up until I randomly
close it, you are free to put any story requests in the comment
section below. And… I’ll write it.
goal is to have all requests finished by this time n

Twi’lek Bounty Hunter (I):
Grinning Cheshire
was pissed off.
the past few years, she had built a reputation among her ‘clients’
as a dependable hunter who, at a reasonable price, could bring in the
individuals were either too far above or too beneath the Imperial Law
for the Empire to do anything about. There were many bounty hunters
just like her now-a-days, but unlike most, the red-skinned Twi’lek
had finally begun to gain recognition among the high-tier of her

Nowi: Fire Emblem Vore
being a Manakete, had found herself in many strange situations during
her comparatively short life. She had been worshiped by tribes,
captured by traders, used by slave-owners, and right before she
joined the Shepherds: almost sacrificed to the God of Destruction...
For some reason.
all of these experiences, there was one thing Nowi had never
been.Studied."Fascinating... Truly
fascinating..." Miriel muttered under her breath as she slowly

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2016 is soon to be, in just an hour or two.

So I get to lay in bed and think of all the things I failed to do!

Why is it only at night that I am plagued by such self-loathing?

When in the day, I am the center of general happiness and cheering?

So all I can say to the clock is hurry up and strike...

Because not from darkness, but from my mind, I'm scared of the night.

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Hey, how've you been?


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Do you live?


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I do.


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I stumbled across one of your smash stories.


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Thanks for the watch!


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no problem


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no problem


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How have things been going for you? I noticed that you had to cancel a lot of things here due to real life stuff. Hopefully, everything is going well.


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Thanks for the fav!


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Thanks for the watch! :D

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