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“Cinderace! Use blast burn!”

The Dynamaxed Rabbit roared and breathed out a massive plume of fire, lighting up the arena and taking down Raihan’s last pokemon. Rachel cheered as her pokemon returned to normal size, leaping into her arms as the pair spun while the crowd cheered them on. Raihan himself looked particularly defeated, never imagining coming up against such a strong bunny. Rachel offered the man her hand, and they shook as the crowd cheered t

Camping out with her Cinderace was fun, but being lost in the dark was not. She had wandered off to go to the bathroom but for some reason she couldn’t find her way back to camp. Rachel sighed as she felt as if new bushes had simply popped up and misled her. Her fire had mysteriously vanished as well, but surely Cinder would come for her eventually. She just needed to stay in place long enough for her pokemon to find her. Leaning against a tree she adjusted her shirt, which felt a little s

Lillie had been through a lot the past few weeks after saving Nebby from the Aether Foundation. Not many teens could say they'd run away from home, encountered a Tapu in person, helped a boy on his adventure to become a champion, rode on a Sogaleo, and later on help to foil the resurgence of Team Rocket! Of course she wasn't alone on her adventures; she had friends like Hapu and Sun on her side and her edgy yet caring brother Gladion. What was she up to now, one may ask? She was now spending her

Alex, an Anthro Eevee, sniffled and curled his legs to his body. His girlfriend, a beautiful chikorita girl had decided that Valentine’s day would be the perfect day to end their relationship. Alex had even prepared chocolates and her favorite flowers but that hadn’t seemed to mean much to the girl. The girl was going to evolve soon, and had said she “Didn’t want to stick with the same guy forever.”

He was just short of crying at this point

Rachel sighed happily, rubbing her tummy that was now full of delicious curry with her Cinderace patting his own belly. The two were camped out once again as they prepared for the 8th gym that was to come tomorrow. This time, Rachel had scoped out the area to make sure there couldn’t possibly be any pokemon with hypnotising abilities in the area for her pokemon to fall for or otherwise be controlled by. Smiling, she snuggled up to her pokemon, and occasional lover, and he put an arm aroun

Tails the fox, holding some sort of tracking device, glanced around the area with a concerned look on his face. Behind him, skipping to catch up, was Cream the Rabbit. “What's the matter Tails? Are we lost?”

Tails shook his head, glancing at the other two next to the fox and Bunny. “I don’t think so. We should be close to whatever is making these readings...hmm what do you think Amy? Sally?”

The Hedgehog and Squirrel

Rachel and her pokemon were, at the moment, lost in the woods. The redhead was on her way after collecting the 5th badge but ended up losing her way after leaving the path to search for more team members. She hadn’t found anything good, and on top of that now her and Cinderace were lost in the woods. She glanced at the map on her phone, but for some reason the rotom wasn’t working right and seemed to be getting some sort of interference. The bunny trailing behind her looked sleepy, b

Sora yawned, still tired from his nap that he had been rudely interrupted from by that weird black monster. Still, that dream couldn’t have been real right? Just thinking about it gave him the shivers. So instead he would focus on his task at hand, which was finding materials for building the boat. Sora, and his two friends, Riku and Kairi were going to try and sail away from this world. To someplace much bigger! Though Riku was his best friend, he still felt somewhat of a rivalry to Kairi

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Taking requests and commissions for new works, or even ideas for my two ongoing series!

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