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a shape-shifting slime cat,
made out of crude oil.

yes i am in fact intersex irl.
please do not call me herm.

i'm fine with whatever pronouns,
as long as people can understand
what it is you're saying.

i work at Dominoes.
see my uniform in my profile image.
it's pretty cute.

just turned 18 late year,
so it's finally time to join all the no-no places.

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Me and David
that's the guy
out of the two people
i was thinking of dating
well i'm dating them now.

Things have been going pretty well.

He's very loosely into vore
but he's tolerant.

Been a friend for a long time
before deciding to take it further.

Showed him the stuff from the club
and took him to see people.

He was happy for me
but he wasn't really into it.

He did like the idea of the MMORPG
so we made our characters to test it out.

David got caught by a noob trap at the start.
I didn't because I went for a rare race type.

It's technically not a closed species,
because it's just a mythological...
[ Continued ... ]

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