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DemiDevimon flew in circles around the Digidestined child in front of him. She was a young girl of about 8 years old. The Digidestined child was a bit afraid before DemiDevimon spoke to her "so you're the Digidestined that I'm assigned too! Wow I'm so excited!" he said before nuzzling up the the girl a bit. Now at ease the girl let her gaurd down and smiled at the Digimon in front of her "I guess I am!" she said "So what does that mean" she asked "It means I'm you're Digimon and I'll do what you

The blue cat anthro Makuta walked down the street, on his way home from the store his home was still some distance away but it didn't discourage him despite missing the bus earlier. He walked steadily along, running through his mind were thoughts of his day and various things he still had to do. Turning down a street he noticed a lot of vendors set up in an otherwise usually quiet part of town. Walking past all the vendors and various shops they all seemed clean and orderly, pristine almost. "mu

"He won't be here in the morning" Kaa said, as he began opening his mouth wide to eat the "man-cub" Mowgli. Bagheera blinked his eyes open a bit in his tiredness, seeing Kaa but not registering it "oh yes he will.." Bagheera stated before jolting awake "Kaa! HOLD IT KAA" Bagheera yelled lunging for the snake to knock him away. Bagheera however missed due to Kaa's shockingly fast reflexes. Having missed the snake the black panther tumbled off the tree branch crashing his head against the tree ro

Sitting in a diner was a cute nervous anthro raven named Beatrice. She had met the perfect man on the meet up app Hntr. He was a tall, handsome, well built anthro shark named Cliff. Beatrice fidgeted in her seat, nervousness and excitement both fighting to take over her body completely. The waiter at the diner brought her the soda she had asked for and excused himself. Beatrice sipped on the soda as she stared at the entrance to the diner. "We agreed to meet up at 6. Why isn't he here yet? Ma

Liana, a reasonably atrractive blonde haired pokemon trainer, absentmindedly walked through the forrest she had found herself in. Her thoughts were not on where she was going but on the battle she had recently won before walking into the forrest. Specifically she kept thinking about her flygon, her pride and joy pokemon. He had been given to her as a gift when she was but a young 10 year old starting her Pokemon journey. Now, 9 years later, he was still her goto Pokemon. Something was off abo

Gail the naga slithered along the side of the pool, her lifegaurd shirt and hat fit snuggly to her body as her whistle glinted in the sunlight. The pool was reflecting the light into her eyes every now and then so she had pulled her hat down in front of her face to protect them. During this time, and due to the hat, she did not notice a young anthro albino kangaroo in the private pool getting on a pool floatie, sticking some earbuds into hear ears, and sticking the mp3 player into her little pou

My day has been completely amazing. It started this morning while I was walking down the side of the street on my way to work, I had noticed a discarded 5 dollar bill out of the corner of my eye and decided to use it at the nearest convenience store to get my breakfast and a drink, and to hell with it I decided to buy an instant lotto ticket too. Surprisingly I won, a nice cool 500 dollars. My luck was astounding, so I bought another ticket, and won again! So now 1000 dollars richer I ate my br

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