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I am not a artist these are all commissions I wish i could draw but can't due to dumb hands

Ammy is 22 and a ravenous kitty who is 6ft tall weighs 190 lbs and loves to eat anyone who is willing or unwilling

Abilities: Able to swallow others whole, High metabolism, able to cock vore, pussy can stretch more than normal, Nails extend for clawing and mauling, Magic choker which allows her stomach, throat and mouth to stretch, reform prey and make her stomach impenetrable from the inside.

Vore role: pred/prey

Vore types: Oral, cock, unbirth, hard vore, anal vore

Character Lore: Ammy is a rare breed of neko that was born with both genitals giving her more than normal hormones. She is a natural predator able to hunt things over twice her size and can swallow her prey whole or chew them up depending on her mood. The collar she wears allows her to fill her belly more and cannot be taken off and stretches whenever she eats its power also allows her stomach to become durable and tough resistant to cutting stabbing and blunt force. Ammy is a sadist to most prey and loves toying with them giving them false hope and crushing their spirits but when she likes someone she can become playful and gentle her favorite meal is one that struggles. She will allow others to eat her due to her being in heat or if she finds the right person. Her collar was a gift from her mother who was given it by her mother and so on the choker was a family heriloom but they have long forgotten what it does. It was cursed however and when Ammy put it on it was sealed unable to be removed until the user's death over the years she had gotten used to the collar and enjoyed being able to eat beyond her limits. She can choose at will what to do with their soul after she digests them either letting them move on or using her choker to reform and bring them back.

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Posted by BanananaBred 2 months ago Report

I have a huge prey crush on Ammy now


Posted by Diira 1 year ago Report

Ammy is cute! Gotta get some art together with the dragon!


Posted by Prancer 1 year ago Report

Wow where has Ammy been all my life. O_o


Posted by KingOfRust 1 year ago Report

i like ya cat gal i'd give her as many pets as much as she wants


Posted by Hoenut 2 years ago Report

I'm excited to get more commissions from so many talented artists!


Posted by BurningRuby1909 2 years ago Report

Welcome<3 mew


Posted by JamKat 2 years ago Report

Welcome to Ekas! :D

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

Welcome to the portal!

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